Poly Discussion

Howdy folks,

PolyVic discussion is coming to Geelong!

Poly friendly, poly curious and polyamorous people are welcome to chat all things polyamorous related.

Polyamory, which literally means “many loves” or in other words, intimate multiple relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone who is involved/affected.

Thursday 5th September 

The Deck,

2 Gheringhap Street,
Geelong, 3220

6:30 Dinner
7:30 Start Discussion – Upstairs in the Middle Function Room
8:30 Short Break
9:30 Finish

If you’re on Facebook, please see the event listing for more details, click here:

Shout Out’s

Over the Rainbow Meetup

For those in and around the Geelong Region, Victoria, Australia.

If it’s some Socialising you’re looking to do with other Geelong Queer Socialites, head to Over the Rainbow Meetup Group and start Socialising.

We do some groovy Meetups, apart from the usual brunches, lunches and dinners, there’s ten pin bowling, billiards, mini golf, light walks/hikes, rollerskating, picnics and plenty more. Something’s bound to take your fancy or if we haven’t thought of it yet, you can suggest an event.


Geelong Rainbow Inc.

Geelong Rainbow Inc. is an umbrella organisation for Queer identifying people within the Geelong region.

There all about creating awareness, facilitating change and enabling connection.

They also advocate for the Queer community within the region through collaboration with other organisations, governments and local businesses.

To keep up to date with what’s on or find out more about Geelong Rainbow Inc., click the link below.