Let’s Talk About…
Let’s Talk About…

In 2013 I had a major spell of silence, and immobility too, when I was seriously ill with trauma to my brain and being. You can imagine how this derailed me for a while, in some aspects of my life. Enriching it in others. I had thought for sure, my writing days were over. It has taken me more than three years thus far, to feel what I believe, is almost full recovery.

In testing the waters, I began blogging about topics I found interesting, useful, inspiring, thought provoking, presenting over and over again in my everyday life, to see if I was able to regularly go with the flow and with some sort of benefit to you and enjoyment for me. That was what became known as ‘L Words’.

Now that I have my voice back and my brain is functioning efficiently once more – clearly I’m no Einstein(!) – however what I do have, will suffice, I’m back. Back on the job again to complete my life’s mission.

Therefore, no topic will be left untouched.
There will be no taboo’s.
All of life and death will be open for exploration and discussion.

No apology either. Not for being who I am. Possibly for the things I do, if I do fuckup, which in reality is inevitable. That will most definitely accompany an apology and only that. There will be no apology for being who I be, nor how I choose to show up in this world. Nor should there be for who you be either.

I won’t be sugar coating anything. They’ll be no trigger warnings, as I have no idea of knowing what would and would not trigger you anyhow. We’ll just have to trust each other and trust in the fact that it is what it is. We can either react or we can respond at any given moment. There is complete choice.

I trust you’ll find some of the gold I have on offer here for you.
If not, keep digging!


Love Lily

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