Hi, I’m Lyndal Coon,

I’m a writer, mentor, speaker, author, wife, mother, thought provoker of the non-traditional kind and practicing

I like to explore new dimensions in life and love. The is-ness and wonder of it all.

I find myself continually questioning everything.

I like to get you questioning everything too.

Challenging the ‘norm’.
In a healthy, stimulating, refreshing kind of way. 


Plus, ironically enough, I now never say never!
How could I possibly know what’s coming my way or how I’ll choose to respond to it?

So welcome to my place, a place where you can get cosy, hang out and engage in an assortment of topics to aid you in living your best life. Whether that be in relationship with your self and/or in relationship with your life partner, other loves of the intimate and not so intimate kind, friends, family, fur creatures and non-fur creatures, the natural world, the un-natural world, the world beyond your borders and so forth.


In full disclosure, living my best life wasn’t something I practiced regularly nor was it easily obtained in the past. It has taken me a tremendous amount of courage, time, forgiveness, love, gratitude, vulnerability, strength, wisdom, responsibility and perseverance to get here.

I fought and resisted at every turn.

That being said, I’m in no way perfect. I still have my ups and downs along the way. However, I believe I’m better equipped to handle the downs now. Challenges will always be a part of life, it’s what we do with them that makes all the difference.

As too is embracing our darkness, our shadow side. The more we resist that part of us, the more it persists in our inner and outer world. We are of both light and dark. Allowing our full self to exist in its complete and natural state, is how we thrive.

Denying any part of who we be, only creates death and decay.

Now is my opportunity to give back. As the author, speaker, mentor, writer, wife, mother, thought provoker and non-conformist I have chosen to be. I can shine a beacon of light and be a giver of value, so you can be your best version of you.

Where you can take what you like and ditch what you don’t.


Having lived the life, I have thus far, there has truly been some gold found amongst the rubble and with that, I choose to share it around. For you and for me.

As it is.

No filters.

No fillers.

My truth.

From where I sit, we humans, we evolve by educating ourselves, formally and informally, through the exchange of words, wisdom, insights, stories, experiences – internally and experientially, by being, doing and having, through trial and error, in the light and in the dark.

By blending all aspects of my life in this one site – merging ‘Sexual Biversity’ with ‘L Words’, you’ll receive the whole package, with the added bonus of a new direction and format to boot.

I’m very fortunate to do what I do so publicly with the love and support of my best friend and husband of 26 plus years Andrew, our two totally loving and gorgeous adult children, our four legged fur kid, extended family and friends.

I reside in a beautiful part of the world, on the Southern Coast of Australia, between Geelong and the Surf Coast, where I thoroughly get to enjoy the beauty and majesty of what mother nature has to offer.

With the technology we have today, connection is unlimited. I look forward to connecting with you, in one form or another.