Hello everybody,

I’m Lily, a Guide Dog Puppy in Training and I’ve come to live with the Coon family until I’m ready to head back to Guide Dogs Victoria in the hope of becoming a fully fledged working Guide Dog.

The Coon’s weren’t expecting the pitter patter of little paws until late February, early March. Nor were they expecting paws as big as mine. I’ll be 6 months in 3 days.

Being they’ve puppy raised before and I needed re-homing, my Puppy Development Advisor thought they’d be good sorts to ask on my behalf.

Turned out they were good sorts to ask.

My timing couldn’t have been any better either. I moved in just before the dude in the red suit, with the white beard and fat tummy arrived (which is not unlike my puppy tummy). Scored myself an awesome outdoor tub to soak in for these fabulous lazy summer days we’re having here in the land down under.

Oh, and FYI, the big green tree in the family room, with all the shiny enticing balls on it, pretty flashing lights too, didn’t faze me in the least. Accidentally knocked one off with my tail a couple of times, to which my human folk put back on the tree for me, otherwise that was that.

You see, I’m a lover, not a destroyer.

With that, I’m definitely a smoocher. Put your face close enough and I’ll slap one on ya. Toes too, I’ll love giving them a kiss or two or three… Legs, hands, ears!


That’s me.

The best thing about rocking up at my age, is I’m old enough to go out and about with my two legged foster family, (on a side note – gee they walk funny and not anywhere near as fast as me, plus they’re so far away from the ground). I get to go cafes, small supermarkets, the ice cream shop! You get my drift.

I’ve been loving hanging out at the beach too. Sand, sun, water…well, almost water, I’m still getting use to it jumping up and chasing me. What’s with that?

Dogs. Humans. So many dogs and humans. I love dogs and humans. I squeal with excitement. Actually I’m a little too excited and I’m going to have to learn to calm down before I can interact with my new found friends on the beach. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Calm Lily.

Cool Lily.

Collected Lily.

I can do this.

So for now, if you see me out and about in my leisure suit, please only say hello to me once I’ve stopped being so excited and I’m in the sit position. Then we can say hello.

Remember, I’m a lover, so expect a little kiss from me as well.

However, if you see me out and about in my training (work) suit, please ignore me, as I have to learn to ignore you. I know, I know, that’s so hard to do when I’m so cute and you want to give me as much loving as I want to give you. It’ll be tough for both of us. Especially when I’m wearing a coat that really says, “look at me, look at me, come say hello and pat me”.

You know, they really should do something about those coats, they’re such human magnets!

And please, regardless of what I’m wearing, don’t ever give me anything to eat. Even when I give you those starving, sad, I haven’t been fed in days looks. Trust me, I have.

Well that’s it from me for now.

Time for another siesta.

Love Lily

PS, I love my new home and the humans living there and I’m sure they’ve already fallen head over heals in love with me.

PPS, if you would like to see the wonderful work they do at Guide Dogs Victoria, you can check out their website here.

This is me in my Leisure Suit


This is me in my Leisure Suit at the Beach


This is me in my Work Suit


This is me in my Work Suit form behind

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