I crave a simple life.

A slower life.

A less overwhelming life.

Being at one with nature.

A life with less stuff.

A healthful, energised life.

Quality over quantity.

Including in relationships.

Human beings are such complex creatures.

How does one live a simple life in this crazy, hectic world of ours, where everyone and everything is always on?

On the go.
On the road.
On the job.
On the money.
On the line.

On the down low.
On the edge.
On drugs – in one form or another.
On a mission.
On the verge.
On track to bigger and better things.

I crave a simple life.

Ironically, it appears a simple life requires energy.

Energy in which I don’t yet have.

Energy that keeps eluding me.

Energy I yearn for.

I crave a simple life.

Ironically too, action is required to make a simple life.

Moving to a smaller house.
Living on the land.
Feeding the animals.
Feeding my family and myself.


Making money to pay for it all.


Walking in nature.
Bathing in sunshine.
Swimming amongst the fishes.
Dancing in the moonlight.

Being organised.

Switching off.


Coming from a place of love and gratitude.

I believed I had to be bigger than I am.
I believed I had to do more than I could ever deliver.
I believed I had to live up to others expectations.
I believed to make a difference, it had to be on some grand scale.

In essence, I was living someone else’s life.

No wonder I’m so tired!

I crave a simple life.

A life where my inner meets my outer.
Where my two worlds become one.

A slower life.

A less overwhelming life.

Being at one with nature.

A life with less stuff.

A healthful, energised life.

Quality over quantity.

Including in relationships.

When I live this simple life, whilst loving myself unconditionally, what a gift that would be, what a difference that would make.

Being me.

Simply me.

Living my simple life.

One small step at a time.

What does a simple life look like to you?

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  • I met a lifelong indigenous activist in NZ about 20 years ago. I asked him why he remained involved in the daily struggle to bring justice to the world. He responded that his brain could not unlearn what it had learnt.

    I have often reflected on those words.

    I tend to think we can never have a simpler life in the physical word. Humans have always had to toil to feed, cloth, house themselves and their community or family.

    Maybe what we really seek is a simpler life for our mind? But I have come to the conclusion that it’s not possible, because we cannot unlearn what we have learnt. Maybe a simple mind can have a simple life? But are simple thoughts, complex thoughts, for the simple mind. Does anyone really have a simple life, or does everyone have a hectic, strained, complex life to the capacity of their mind. Is it inevitable that we will fill our life to the capacity of our mind.

    I wasn’t a fan of much of Obama’s politics, but I think he had a very intelligent brain and I enjoyed listening to him talk. How is it that he could live, survive, thrive on such lifestyle as his. Hard to imagine how a human can live with such a life as the pres of USA.

    I have realised how immensely simple my life is. What was I ever thinking, when dreaming of a simpler life. What I need is a more developed mind! But what life would that lead to?

    • Thanks for your reply Pauley.

      It has given me much to ponder!

      Perhaps that’s part of my challenge, in that I do have a simple mind, a basic mind, one that could easily toil to feed, cloth, house myself and my community, (trusting of course my body would at the very least, make the energy required to go along with such a life). I get that those things may not be easy to do, however for me, I imagine it would be much simpler than the way I live today. My focus would be narrowed in, aligned with each task at hand, without constantly being corrupted by distractions, nor with things I cannot change. The world is too big for this simple mind, my immediate community, my tribe, still big, however much easier for me to engage in.

      Then again perhaps I’m romancing the whole simple life concept and instead of being addicted to Facebook, I’d transfer that addiction to say something as simple as cloud watching, instead of what I’m supposed to be doing!

      For me, my mind is filled with excess noise, white noise, too much irrelevance, over stimulated by facts and figures of no real importance to me, whilst those things that make a difference, that interest me greatly, demand my attention and so forth, tend to regularly get swept away in the nothingness of everything else that consumes my mind. That is, all that other stuff leaves little room or energy for connection with what truly moves me.

      So even though I get what your saying, and I appreciate your input, I’m going to continue on my path towards a simpler life and see what happens. If nothing else, I can always change my direction, if this simple life I so crave, is unattainable.

      • Transfer Facebook to cloud watching is what I am questioning. I read a book by one of the last aboriginal people of north QLD to grow up with out knowledge of the European invasion taking place in his country. He said that he could recognise over 300 people’s foot prints. Another book “Guns germs and steel ” the author spent a lot of time among the tribes of Papua New Guinea. He spoke of their very high levels of intelligence and how active their minds were and the enormous amount of knowledge they held. So I wonder if they had a simpler life or did they just have complexity that we don’t see? Did they live with daily stress of survival? I’ve got no answers just thoughts. Lol.

  • Absolutely love this and just know it is the right thing to do by you. Well done for putting that out to the universe lyndal. Simple is the way to go and i totally understand. The one’s that are on the same page as you will just know this. Good luck withnyour future.


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