My Queer and Quirky Week

Last week was a huge week for me.

It consisted of five LGBTI events in two days.
Attending a Bipolar discussion for World Bipolar Day on the third day.
A Cuddle Party on the fourth and a games and circus skills afternoon with some of our Rainbow Community on the sixth.

Today thankfully, is rest and recovery day, for the most part anyway.

I loved each and every one of these events.

The five LGBTI events were on behalf of Geelong Rainbow Inc. and were with the Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Ro Allen, for the LGBTI Equality Roadshow.

Ok, four of the five were. For one event Geelong Rainbow Inc. were invited as special guests to a private function with the Commissioner and Barwon Water. Thrilled to say the least.

FYI, Commissioner Ro Allen is the only, and the first, Gender and Sexuality Commissioner in Victoria and Australia.

I think it’s fair to say, it does get better!

The LGBTI Equality Roadshow, is travelling to 17 rural and regional locations throughout Victoria for the purpose of reducing discrimination and creating inclusion, for the LGBTI community.
Although the Roadshow title only has the LGBTI in it, rest assured my other lettered friends, the Q, A, P, +, were all discussed and included. Nobody was left out.
A lot was learned at all five of these events. A lot received and I’m trusting too, a lot given.

Above is a picture of some of the Geelong Rainbow Inc. members with Commissioner Ro Allen.

Of all, the best thing I received, was confirmation Geelong Rainbow Inc. is moving in the right direction, with the best of timing to boot.

Grateful to Commissioner Ro Allen, Daniel Witthaus, Rowena Doo and the rest of the Commissioners fabulous team, for being who they be and doing what they do.

Being a part of a passionate, dedicated group of individuals, doing there bit, however big or small, to make a difference in and for the Queer community, in the town I live in, is both a honour and a privilege. Geelong Rainbow Inc., I’m humbled to say the least.

As for the Bipolar discussion. It’s heartening to see the stigma that goes along with mental health is much less now, than it has ever been before and with each new event, public offering, conversation, etc., it will continue to do so.

Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, for is it up to me to judge either or? Mental Health, mental ill health that is, is on the rise and rise. So many factors in play as to why this is so.

This topic is close to my heart too. Being a mental health sufferer, surviver, thriver, including in the realm of Bipolar Disorder,
self responsibility, self love, self awareness,
knowing your warning signs,
owning all parts of ones self, the light and the dark,
eating well for your being,
moving in an enjoyable way,
getting enough sun light, Vitamin D,
management of treatment(s),
follow up,
following your calling and so forth,
I believe are paramount in overcoming or living harmoniously with mental health.

As too is living on purpose. Which in my opinion, everyone’s purpose is the same, to love ones self unconditionally. You can check out a previous post I wrote on Purpose here.

We may have widely varying calling’s or mission’s.

Our purpose – one goal.

In my experience too, the elimination of sugar has been profound. Or perhaps that coincides with eating within my food tolerances. For just shy of 20 months now I’ve been doing this and not had one bout of depression, anxiety, manic or hypomanic episodes.

I think not.

My moods have been relatively calm, stable, without extreme peeks or troughs, on an even keel.
Unheard of prior to this change.
Sure at times, I feel stressed, pressure and still clench my teeth.
I breathe through the discomfort.
It’s nothing like the force of anxiety, depression, despair that once rained down on me.

Plus combined with healing from a major health challenge, I’m doing incredibly well.

Then came the Cuddle Party.
My being loves touch.
As too, words of affirmation. If you’ve read The Five Love Languages, by Gary D. Chapman you’ll get what I’m referring to here.
It loves connecting with people, in a non sexual way.
I could easily fall into a cuddle puddle on a daily basis.
If there was a shop of hugs, I’d be broke.

A Cuddle Party is also a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice consent.
To feel what a yes feels like in your body.
To feel what a no feels like in your body.
To respond, rather than react.

The only challenge I had with this particular Cuddle Party, was that I was exhausted. Unfortunately that meant having to ditch out before it finished, as if I didn’t drive home then, I may not have made it home. For the proverbial wall, may not have been the only wall I hit.

Fortunately for me, these particular Cuddle Parties run once a month in my region, so there’s always next time.

Then to wrap up my week long of activities, Geelong Rainbow Meetup (which Andrew and I run) hosted a Fun in the Park event. This was to comprise of outdoor games, such as Finska and some Circus Skills Play.

Due to the weather Gods having other plans, we moved it to an indoors venue where we played indoor games, UNO, Monopoly Empire, before we got our circus skills on with some juggling, plate twirling, hoola hooping and for the brave amongst us, unicycling.

I admit, I was not that brave.

Much fun was had by all.

Having been a sedate being for the past several years post illness, my being isn’t yet use to living a life so full.

I’m yet to learn the art of efficient time management, finding the off switch, delegation, realising I can’t be at all places at once, nor can I please all the people all of the time. Let alone some of the people some of the time.

All I can do is be true to myself.
Feel into the bigger picture, the greater good.
Trust my intuition.
Deal with the facts at hand.
Respond with facts and from a place of love.
Do my best.

So that was my week.
How was yours?

Note to self, must get better at taking pictures.

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