I’m weird, wonderful, a bit mental, without filters most times.
I can look right at you and not see you.
In mid conversation I can walk away or turn to talk to someone else.
I’ve already pressed send, only to discover at a later time, it was all in my head.

I’m easily distracted.
I can easily distract.
There’s no rhyme or rhythm to how I act.
I be what I be and do what I do, it’s as simple as that.

I can suffer from foot in mouth disease.
I say some weird shit.
I’m not always subtle or tactful either, nor politically correct.
My brain has its own agenda.

I’m slightly off centre, quirky, made of many parts.
I wear my heart on the outside, as it’s too encompassing to be confined to my insides alone.
I’m inquisitive, question everything, for my own understanding and to create awareness.
I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

In every instance I do my best, be my best, even if that means my best isn’t anywhere near what my best was yesterday.
I imagine a world where equality exists, and not just for the elitist’s.
Where peace, gratitude and unconditional love prevail.
Where one owns and takes full responsibility for self.

I love my husband and my children with all my being.
I know they are their own people, and I don’t own them.
I am grateful to be in their lives, the way I am.
My four legged fur kid also has my heart.

I acknowledge and own my richness.
For I am rich beyond any dollar value, great or small.
Abundantly rich in nature, nurture, life experiences, the have’s and have not’s.
Gratefully rich in love, connection, collaboration, new beginnings, memories of yesteryear, self-worth, the light and the dark, the unknowns, in this realm and beyond, infinitely so.

That being said, there are people close to me whom I don’t know.
And I may never truly know.
Is it because I haven’t taken the time or they haven’t let me in?
Perhaps a little of both.

Hence, a reason, a season, a lifetime, rings true for me.
Life is full of change.
People change.
We come and we go.

Sex and intimacy are important factors in my relationship and in my being.
As too are my eyes, ears, hands, tongue, nose, sense of the sixth and gut.
No one less important than the other.
As too are orgasms.

How I choose to identify and express my sexuality, gender, complete being.
Not because of you, conditioning, learned behaviour, rules, regulations, religious dogma.
Freedom in choice, experiences, curiosity, questioning.
Freedom to be exactly how I choose to be, that’s important to me as well.

I bleed, I cry, I feel pain.
I heal, I forgive, I release and trust once more.
I don’t mean to ever belittle or defame.
I don’t need to dull your light to brighten my own, mines already bright enough.

I have good days and bad ones, although that being said, I can’t recall the last time I had a bad one.
I embrace my light and my dark, my good, bad, wicked, descent, ugly, pleasing…
I like to live from a place of intentional thoughts, freedom of being, doing and having.
Receiving the benefits and gifts in both dimensions, when I do eventually find them that is.

I tend to be more introverted than I am extroverted.
I enjoy my own company.
I appreciate silence, stillness, the emptiness of nothingness.
I could easily hibernate for months at a time.

I’m stronger than I realise or give myself credit for.
I make noise, when noise is required, scream, shout, dance about.
I speak my truth, even if it’s not your truth, it is still mine.
I’m also vulnerable, gentle, fragile at times too.

I believe we grow and evolve by the exchange of information, sharing experiences, ideas, good or otherwise.
Education is what happens in the world surrounding us, the world in us.
I’m continually learning, rejigging, resetting, testing myself and my abilities.
Sometimes I do get it wrong, I make mistakes, I fuck up, I do however own them and can make apology.

Therefore, in my world, at my table, no topic is taboo.
I have been known to, and perhaps still do, fear the unknown.
That doesn’t stop me though.
It assists me to walk towards, rather than run from.

I’m a thought provoker of the non-traditional kind.
Practising non-conformist (aha moment), obviously then, I’m somewhat of a rebel.
I believe in the power of choice and empowerment of informed choices, both coming from a place of love.
When it comes to genders, sexualities, race, self-expressions and so forth, be who you be.

What I choose to believe, value, agree with, does not make me wrong.
I follow my heart, I trust my intuition, you already know I question everything, including my own beliefs.
In being not wrong, that doesn’t make me right either.
It makes me different, my choices different.

I don’t have to like you, however I could.
You don’t have to like me, however you could.
The world is big enough for us to coexist whether we do or not.
That doesn’t mean we may never change our minds.

I like to challenge myself, play outside my comfort zone, push my boundaries, expand my being.
I can shake in my boots and still get the job done.
You can hear it in my voice.
I take refuge in the safety and sanctity of my home, my heart centre.

Sure I could’ve done things differently.
I have no regrets.
It is what it is.
I be who I choose to be and how I choose to show up in this world.

I’ve reached level 45 and I love being me.
My purpose, here on this Earth, is to love myself unconditionally.
I’m most certainly getting there, if not already there at times.
I fill my cup first, then let it flow over.

I’m by no means perfect.
Are any of us?
Unless I’m perfect in my imperfection.
Then yes, I am perfect, so too, we all are.

I’m comfortable and happy in my own skin, body and being.
I can stand with you, naked, raw, real.
I can hold space, listen, hear what you have to say.
I’ll assist you when required, have your back if you’re under attack.

As I open my eyes for the day, I give love and gratitude.
As I close my eyes at the end of the day, same, love and gratitude.
I can make a difference, simply by being me.
I do make a difference, simply by being me.

Life does not come in a one size fits all.
No matter how much we try to convince ourselves it does.
We are all so unique, mental, weird and wonderful, in our own unique, mental, weird, and wonderful ways.
The only sameness we have, is our humanness.

If not me, then who?
If not using my voice, what?
If not via this platform, where?
If not now, when?
If not to love unconditionally, make a difference, why?

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