Do you remember loathing the first day of the month when you were a youngling at school, for fear of coming home defeated and bruised from the dreaded “pinch and a punch, the first of the month” ritual, or something similar?

I did.

Whatever your saying was, you knew pain followed.

I don’t recall a single month, even in high school, where this bizarre tradition did not take place.

It was bad enough your friends partaking, let alone your enemies. For some reason they felt it was their right and duty to beat you to a pulp, all in the sanctity of a good cause – cough, cough, masked as – tradition. The harder the pinch and punch, the better the community service they had provided.

I never understood why such a violent act was used to welcome in the new, a new month, a new beginning.

Here take this.
Did you get it?
No, well not to worry, we’ve got plenty more where that came from.

When our kids were little and this long standing tradition was still in play, it was then I decided enough was enough. Fortunately, my husband also agreed tradition had out worn its welcome.

Our precious seeds were not to be manhandled in this way.

Enough truly was enough!

That’s when we came up with our new jig, “A Hug and A Kiss, A New Month Is This”, and a new tradition was born.

No black and bruised arms did our little ones get.

In fact, it was received with not only open arms, open hearts too.

With the right motivation, anything is possible.

Twenty years on, it’s something we still to do in our family, upon the arrival of a new month.

A few years ago I started posting it on my Facebook feed and over time, our little jig morphed into a bit more of a ditty, as the poet inside me started to play.

I keep playing with the poet inside, being the wordsmith I claim to be.

Plus, I like it to get people thinking.
To question who they be.

Here’s this months little ditty!

H & K Feb 2017


It puts a major smile on my dial when I get a message saying a new youngling has taken it to their school for the first time and it’s been a huge success.

Pinch and punch be gone.
Your yesterday’s news.

Embrace, quite literally, “A Hug and A Kiss, A New Month Is This”!

It’s the little things in life.

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