What a whirlwind of a Christmas that was.
Four Christmas days we had this year…four!

Thank goodness they’re all over.
Done and dusted.

Rest and recovery is go.

As much as I love my family and hanging out with them, this time of year is not my most favourite. For the past, I don’t know how many years now, I’ve been saying, “that’s the last one, next year I’m going away for Christmas”.

Yet I continue to turn up.

In all honesty I think I’m too scared not too.
It’s in my blood.
My duty.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I haven’t quite worked out which yet, I’m no longer into Christmas. Haven’t been for a while. Probably since I’ve become less materialistic and the kids are no longer little’uns.

Nor is it because I can no longer indulge on all that festive food (due to my severe food intolerances). Actually I like that. I like that after the first sitting I’m not complaining that I ate too much, then go onto the second sitting, regardless of the fact. Plus, I don’t miss any of it. The triffle, cheesecake, chocolate ripple cake, shortbread, Christmas cake, sauces, cranberry, apple nor the gravy, potato salad, cheese and bickies, alcohol and so forth.

I’m in my happy place with the foods I can eat.

I simply don’t like the hype of Christmas any more.

Having to conform.

That’s what I don’t like about Christmas.

Not to forget the traffic and traveling. That is my least favourite thing about Christmas. Let’s put thousands of people on the road at one time – good idea – not.

Nor the overspending.

It has to be bigger, better, brighter, faster, cooler, newest, etc., etc.,.

The competitiveness of it.

For those who love it and go the whole Lampoons Family Christmas. Good on you. I appreciate your enthusiasm if it’s your thing and yes, I must admit, it is enjoyable to look at.

I’m not a complete Scrooge!

It’s just not my thing.

This year we didn’t even put the tree up.

Who’d of thought that could feel so good?
What a relief that was.

I’m grateful to have so many beautiful people in my life to share this time with. I’m fully aware this isn’t the case for everyone.

Christmas isn’t full of sparkles and fairy lights for one and all. It can be incredibly challenging, heartbreaking, confronting, lonely, terrifying, tragic, isolating, traumatic, sad, confusing…

It is however, exactly what it is and what you choose to make of it.

I guess what I’m saying here is do what serves you best or what lights you up (no pun intended). Make it how you choose it to be. If you choose to be on your own, fabulous. If you want to engage with others, there are lots of opportunities available to you.  It will however mean putting yourself out there and you may have to do a little research to find out what’s happening in your area, such as an orphan event.

Or it may mean being a bit braver and asking someone you’d like to spend Christmas with, if you can join them. The only answer you’ll ever receive is no, if you don’t ask. You still may receive a no; you may receive a yes too. If by chance you do receive a no, you don’t have to stop there. You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to be. See what else is available to you. That’s of course, if you’re don’t have or are not able to be with family, for whatever reason at this time of year.

Don’t be, do or have, out of obligation, conformity or conditioning.

Be, do and have from a place of choice.

I loved choosing not to put up a tree this year. Unbeknownst to me at the time, did I know how incredibly liberating it would be. Such a small act in the big scheme of things. Huge act of freedom.

I’m interested to see what I’ll choose to do next year.

Curious too, what you’ll choose.

To tree or not to tree?

No tree for me.

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  • Tree free Christmas here for me too Lyndal :). I very much agree with all your sentiments. The sense of obligation overwhelms me some years…

    • I love that we were on the same wave length this year Ro. I wonder how many others went tree free for the first time? Keep it simple, doable and easy, no pressure! xx


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