How does one comprehend and make sense of, in one’s mind, a day containing two weddings and a funeral?

Fortunately, Andrew and I were to be guests at only one wedding and not both.
Our son was to be a guest at the other, a cousin of his girlfriend.

In one respect, I’m thankful the funeral preceded the wedding.

That loss was followed by gain.
That grief was followed by happiness.
That the one who was leaving this Earth, was followed by two dancing in unity, as the husband and wife they’d just become.

I’m happy that I got to say one last goodbye to my beautiful friend Gail. I’m sad I didn’t make an effort to interact with her more, whilst she was still living amongst us. I’m happy and grateful to have had the pleasure of having known her in the first place.

Memories of what once was, that will live on forever in the delicate crevices and cells of my wondrous mind, body, heart and soul. Memories that have me laughing for the precious moments they were. The silly moments they were. The true, real and raw moments they were. The exceptional moments they were. Moments that will never be repeated. Treasured moments. Cherished moments.


Until we meet again beautiful Gail, FLY my friend!

I’m happy we did get to celebrate two adoring lovers bonded by their very beings. Enriched in smiles that reflected their hearts beating in unison upon time and space, with their blended families, friends, loved ones – toes tapping, hips swinging, bodies close, not to forget – food from the Gods.

It was a spectacular event. I imagined nothing less from these two creatives.

I’m happy we were invited to this celebration of love, even if it was just the party part we got to celebrate with them.

A toast to…
Mr and Mrs,
Two families joining together to create their own unique blended tribe,
To happiness,
To togetherness amongst two amazing individuals,
To love,
To the future.


Whilst my feet were moving to the music, my heart was dancing to the rhythm of life itself.

The mystical and the magical of it.
The typical and the everyday of it.
The rhythmic and the un-co of it.
The precious and the unexpected of it.

At the end of the day, as I lay cuddling with my beautiful man, with all these emotions having been at play, my heart full and heavy at the same time, my head pounding to squeeze it all in, the magnitude of this extraordinary thing we call life. Digest that which I had just experienced. It is very clear, how truly blessed I am. How rich I be. For all I have. For all I have had. For all I will have, however big or small, knowing how loved I am and how much I love.

To the here and now.
To the now and then.
To life and love.
To love and life.

To friends dear, near, far and queer, you all fill my heart with joy.
Thank you.
Big love and huge hugs.

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