verb (used with object), engaged, engaging.

1. to occupy the attention or efforts of (a person or persons):
He engaged her in conversation.

2. to secure for aid, employment, use, etc.; hire:
to engage a worker; to engage a room.

3. to attract and hold fast:
The novel engaged her attention and interest.

4. to attract or please:
His good nature engages everyone.

5. to bind, as by pledge, promise, contract, or oath; make liable:
He engaged himself to repay his debt within a month.

6. to betroth (usually used in the passive):
They were engaged last week.

7. to bring (troops) into conflict; enter into conflict with:
Our army engaged the enemy.

8. Mechanics. to cause (gears or the like) to become interlocked; interlock with.

9. to attach or secure.

10. Obsolete. to entangle or involve.

verb (used without object), engaged, engaging.

11. to occupy oneself; become involved:
to engage in business or politics.

12. to take employment:
She engaged in her mother’s business.

13. to pledge one’s word; assume an obligation:
I was unwilling to engage on such terms.

14. to cross weapons; enter into conflict:
The armies engaged early in the morning.

15. Mechanics. (of gears or the like) to interlock.

Source: Dictionary.com



How does one engage in life, easily, effectively, efficiently, when there is so much one could engage in!?

Especially with the onset of social media, engaging became even busier. Spreading greatly across the globe in an instant.

Both online and offline.

I like to engage.
I do.

I’m at a place in my life where I’m tired. Incredibly tired and exhausted and I find it difficult to engage with the simplest of things. Forget about a multitude of them.

Let alone managing continued engagement on a variety of social media platforms.

Or even just one.

If I hit like or make a comment, will that require me to have to engage further?

When I’m tired – not worth the risk.

Therefore more often than not, I’ll engage from afar, by osmosis.

Watching, observing, laughing out loud – in the privacy of my own head.

That’s engaging.

When I do have a burst of energy, it’s engage, engage, engage.

Like, like, like.

Comment, comment, comment.

Then it’s crash, crash, crash, as I haven’t paced myself well at all and over done it.

I guess part of the reason I created this blog site was because I was looking to engage more in life and felt I had more of a hand in when and how I did so, here, in the safety of my own creation.

I’m finding however my topics mustn’t be of the engaging kind, as I get very little engagement happening from them when they do go live. No blame here or victimhood on my part either. Clearly stating a fact. It is what it is.

To those of you whom have engaged with me thus far, I thank you and am grateful to have had you do so.

To those whom haven’t, is it because you too feel like me?
Exhausted by the mere thought of engaging, more than one is capable of doing so?

Are we in the same boat?
Sailing in a sea of engaging overwhelm?

Or is it because you don’t find my topics of interest, worthy of your time, nor engagement in them? I guess if that was the case, you wouldn’t be reading this now. So in hindsight, that thought, sentence, is of no value to you.

I know at times too, I’ve said yes to enter into an engagement with another, at an occasion when rest would have served me better. I push myself, as I want to engage, then I’m left exhausted, depleted, drained after the fact, even if I’ve had the most wonderful of times.

I know too at times, I’ve said yes to enter into an engagement, only to leave the person hanging, as I simply don’t have the energy to engage any further and feel terrible I didn’t say no in the first place and am paralysed to do so, say no after the fact.

Yep, they’re still hanging!

I’d believe I’d be correct in saying not many of us like saying no.

So back to the question at hand, how does on engage in life, say yes, easily, effectively, efficiently? And just the right amount of engagement too?

Hmm, I guess in order to receive engagement, I have to give engagement first?

The old like attracting like (read in the voice of Maxwell Smart).

Just in case you missed it.

The old like attracting like (you heard him that time didn’t you?).

To give is to receive.

Purely by giving.

How do I engage then, when there is so much in life I could engage with and not feel more drained than I do now?

I’m a part of so many interactions online, groups, communities, friends, families, I rarely engage with any of them in the simplest of ways, even though they interest me greatly and are a wonderful way to stay connected.

Not forgetting, interactions in the physical world. At present and most likely only if it’s local, the chance of me showing up is minimal at best.

I fear the Avalanche.

The great opening up.

The suffocation or being swallowed whole.

It’s much easier to watch from afar.

It requires the use of far less energy in doing so.

Perhaps over the years I’ve spread myself too thin. A Jack of all trades, master of none syndrome.

Perhaps it’s time to declutter my mind, my social media, my places of engagement.

Less is more.

Can I do this and not offend?



Especially whilst exhausted and in healing mode?

I’m my most important person.

I’m my most important person.

I’m my most important person.

Of course I can.

How it is chosen to be received, is totally up to the receiver.

I’ve been doing this to a degree anyway. Now I’m just formalising it.

I can only control the controllable’s.


Ironically so then, with the onset of winter, brrr… it’s time for some more spring cleaning.

Make it manageable.

Engage a little, although consistently and see how that goes for the time being. Then once my energy returns I can reassess when, where and how I choose to engage further.

Do you engage, from the front row?

Or are you more like me and engage from a distance?

Are you going to do some spring cleaning as well?


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