1. lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a time only; not permanent:
a temporary need; a temporary job.

noun, plural temporaries.

2. an office worker hired, usually through an agency on a per diem basis, for a short period of



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Everything in life is temporary, whether we like it or not.
Nothing will last forever. Evolution saw to that.
The only guarantee in life, after we are born, is death and even then that’s in the physical realm. There is no guarantee death is final.

The best thing about something being temporary, would have to be when you’re sinking into the murky waters of a cold, numb abyss. When life’s darkness blankets your existence, choking the happiness right out of you. You’re dealing with heartache, ill health, anger, disappointment, sadness, loss, depression and so forth.

It’s on those days we are thankful for the temporary state they carry.

When things are wonderful, enriching, enlivening, fun, fabulous, free flowing, delicious, delightful, bubbling with love and joy, we can get very despondent in the knowing, these moments are only temporary at best, fleeting, a passing phase for the masses.

For one moment can not mimic nor replicate completely, identically, the previous or next moment. There is always a shift, movement, change, energy, expansion, people, places, moods, temperature, nature, nurture, choice, power, force, etcetera, saw to this too.

We can do our utmost to keep those temporary moments flowing, reenacting the feelings created. Alas, no matter how hard we try, they are only temporary, too many elements in play to ensure precise replication.

Life is temporary.

Your time on this planet is temporary.

So what’s the point?

Why bother?

Why engage in life at all?

It’s only temporary?

Because, you’re worth it.
I’m worth it.
The planet is worth it.

Our existence means something.
It’s a contribution.
A collective.
A consciousness.
However temporary that may be.

If we were to do nothing, we’ve done something, simply by being here – temporarily.

Remember, temporary is neither good nor bad, it just is.

So make the most of your temporary time here.

Embrace all you be.
Embrace all you do.
Embrace all you have.

For you have much to offer.
Much to give.
Much to receive.

If only temporary.

In my darkest days, my outlook shifted, ever so slightly to begin with, when my focal point was aligned with it being temporary. It became so ingrained in my day to day life, a shift from the abyss, to the now, was possible.

It will get better.

I will get better.

As a contestant reminder for me to focus on my temporary status, we even had personal number plates made for our car, TEMPRY!

Implanting a desired outcome, in one form or another, is a powerful force, a shape shifter, game changer, whether illusion, placebo or real. Do whatever it takes to convince, actualise, understand how temporary any given situation is.

Life is temporary.

Moments are temporary.

The memories created, that’s the gold, that’s the magic.

Embrace the now.

For change is the one true constant.


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