1. the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor:
good health; poor health.

2. soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment:
to have one’s health; to lose one’s health.

3. a polite or complimentary wish for a person’s health, happiness, etc., especially as a toast:
We drank a health to our guest of honor.

4. vigor; vitality:
economic health.




Since today is Easter Sunday in my part of the world and more than likely equates to an indulgent day, if not an over-indulgent day of chocolate eating, I got to thinking about how my health was tracking, which led me to contemplating health in general.

When it comes to health there isn’t a one size fits all approach, nor a blanket of health that magically covers us all.

Health is as unique and individual as each and every one of us.

Yet somehow, for the majority, we’ve bought into the belief that it is so.

One size does fit all.
No difference whatsoever.
No choice possible.

We get so ingrained by it and paralysed to the possibility of change, of it not being so. Change that is.

The things in which I do, have, eat, etc, for me and my body to be healthy and functioning at its optimum, is by no means what you and your body requires.

Therefore, from where I sit, it’s dangerous, irresponsible and reckless to behave as if it is otherwise.

Ideally, sure, for so many reasons we’d like to believe we can all exist on the same, diet, for example (referring to way of eating, not restricting intake).

Good for the planet, good for me.

Who decides this?

I’m well aware what’s good for the planet is a controversial and hot topic at the moment, if not all moments, with that, I’m not going to dive in any deeper into that point at this time.

The same health regime, such as, moving in the same way, supplementing in the same way, drinking the same amount of liquid and the same kind of liquid per day, ie. Water, following the same eating plan, etc, doesn’t guarantee the same level of health attained.

Any food deemed “healthy” is deemed healthy for you, for me, for everyone.

How closed minded have we become?

How foreign it is to even consider “healthy” food could be harmful to anyone.

There’s just no way?

Is there?

There is so much variety in life and our ways of being in it.

Why would we place health in a non diverse basket?

I’ve never understood how anything, regardless of the topic can be met with one, sameness for all.

When it comes to health as a profession, sure we’ve made some unquestionably life saving discoveries along the way.

I know I wouldn’t be here, nor would my children, without some of these discoveries.

However, as a species, a human race, we continue to grow and evolve on a daily bases. Our environments, both internally and externally are continually changing, mutating, adjusting, evolving.

Therefore what worked yesterday in saving someone’s life and bringing them back to health, may not even come close today. In fact, could be fatal. Ok maybe yesterday is slightly exaggerated, let’s say 12 months ago.

The only person who knows what’s best, healthy, healing, enjoyable and so forth for your body, is you.

You have all the knowledge you require. Your body is highly intelligent. It speaks to you continuously. It speaks to you with every breath you take.

Were you aware of this?

Can you hear it?

Are you listening?

Have you even taken the time to acknowledge it?

Having a healthy body, a healthy being is your sole responsibility.

No-one else’s.
Yours and yours alone.

I’m sure you know I’m talking in the context of adults here, capable of living a regular, ordinary every day life.

Absolutely you can work with others to assist you on your path to health or the maintaining of said health. You however, are the pilot. You are the sole decision maker.

When you attune to your body, you can take so much of the guesswork out and frustration too.

If you’re not already attuned to your bodies innate language, get tuned to it.

Sure, at first there may be a lot of trial an error on your part. That’s usually when we give up, chuck a tante and kick it into the too hard basket.

Keep going.

If you’ve been ignoring your body for years, do you not suspect then it may take some time, yes perhaps even years, to get to know your body and understand how it speaks to you?

Many of you may already be aware I’m on my own trip back to gaining vibrant health. With that I discovered how harmful the healthy and yes, the not so healthy foods I was eating were causing havoc with my health and healing.

I’ve been eating now within my food tolerances for about eight months and the way my body is responding has been nothing short of than miraculous. In particular, the past month or so now.

This is all due to the fact I started listening to my bodies needs and let go of any wants and or desires I had towards food and the feeling I was missing out on something. Plus releasing a heap load of conditioning and unlearning on my part as well.

Especially on days like today, where chocolate is the focus. Don’t miss it one little itty bitty piece. My health, now and in the future, mean more to me than any kind of instant gratification I could receive from allowing chocolate to pass by my lips. Let alone having to deal with its unpleasant effects after the fact. It’s simply not worth it.

I very much eat for fuel now in aiding my body in reaching its optimal health. With that, at times, sure there’s plenty enjoyment and pleasure there too. It’s no longer the priority.

The way I eat now and for the time being, is very limited indeed, although healthy and satisfying for my body. Yet I know it is viewed by others, as incredibly unhealthy. Thankfully my body is healing and I don’t take anyone’s else’s judgements on board or to heart at all.

This is what works for my body and I share this information openly, however I don’t tell anyone they have to eat the way I do. My family don’t eat the same way as me.

Over the years I’ve had people (friends and professionals) telling me, this particular way, or that particular way of eating is best for everyone. My experience tells me otherwise, I know there is not one way of eating for all, in attaining great health.

Each to their own.

Sugar was one of my biggies my body requested I let go of, completely. The effects this substance was wreaking on my body was beyond healthy, kind or enjoyable for that matter.

From the state of my mental health, including depression, anxiety, irrational and reactive outbursts and behaviour, bipolar disorder and so forth, to, inflammation, weight gain, skin traumas, headaches, premature ageing, constant pain, chronic and adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, my mercury poisoning, etc, etc, you’d think I’d have heeded my bodies warnings years ago.

Nup, no, nuda!

Totally addicted I was. Until I began listening to my bodies requests, really listening. Not just hearing what I wanted to hear, “oh go on, one bite won’t hurt you”, all of the above mentioned symptoms are either on the improve, on their way out or gone.

Let’s take depression. I haven’t experienced any form of depression since I’ve been eating this way. That’s huge. Being someone who regularly experiences depression and had accepted it as my normal way of being, experiencing none in an eight month period was unheard of before now.

As for weight loss, the only way previously I’ve lost weight, was through rigorous and strict dieting and restricting my food intake. Eating within my food tolerances now, I eat as much as I like, when I like and I’m now 10 kilos lighter. Go figure. This too I must add is a bonus. The purpose for eating this way was for health gain, not weight loss. My body changes are all part of my healing into health. Wherever my body shape and weight ends up, if it’s healthy, I’ll be happy with that.

Added bonuses being, softer skin, reduced cellulite, stronger nails, my beauty therapists have even said I look like I’ve had work done on my face, a lift no less. Woohoo.

Not to forget my ability to engage in my passion for the written word once more.

Therefore it is from this observation that I do contradict my earlier blanket statement and declare, everyone and yes I literally mean everyone, could benefit from reducing or removing sugar from their health regime.

I urge you to experiment for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. See if I’m onto something here. Give yourself 30 days of sugar free living and see what difference it makes to your overall health and wellbeing.

Don’t just take sugar out though. Add in lots of other goodies, so the desire for sugar is lost amongst all that goodness.

And be kind and gentle on yourself too. It might take a day or so, or even a week or two to get passed the yucky feelings you may experience due to sugars hold over you and your body.

For me, once I ate the way my body was asking me to, I had no withdrawals as such nor any cravings since. That’s not always the case. Previous attempts will adhere to that in trying to quit sugar.

Sugar is definitely a topic I will be writing more in depth about at a later time.

Health is not always seen to be something we move towards freely. It’s often driven by fear. Rather than staying paranoid and scared, how about we get smarter, educate ourselves further by doing our own research and engaging in our own experiments, such as the 30 day sugar one I’ve suggested.

By the way there are heaps of programs and support online and offline (books etc), if you require it. Make sure if you do, require support, you ask for assistance. That’s your responsibility to yourself. No-one else’s. No mind readers here either.

Do you listen to your body?

Or the voices and opinions of others?

Treat it with the utmost love and respect?

Or bag out on it on a daily basis?

Take responsibility for your own health?

Or hand your power over to others?

How about sugar, can you see any sign of it hindering your health?

Did you over indulge on chocolate today?


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