noun, plural truths [trooth z, trooths]

1. the true or actual state of a matter:
He tried to find out the truth.

2. conformity with fact or reality; verity:
the truth of a statement.

3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like:
mathematical truths.

4. the state or character of being true.

5. actuality or actual existence.

6. an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.

7. honesty; integrity; truthfulness.

8. (often initial capital letter) ideal or fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience:
the basic truths of life.

9. agreement with a standard or original.

10. accuracy, as of position or adjustment.

11. Archaic. fidelity or constancy.

12. in truth, in reality; in fact; actually:
In truth, moral decay hastened the decline of the Roman Empire.




What actually is truth?

Is there even truly a truth?!

The truth.

Who decided/decides what the truth factually is?

Can truth even be factual?

Such a loaded word.


So much expectation placed on five little letters.

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…
Truth will prevail.
Tell the truth and you won’t get into any trouble.

Somehow my curiosity has been peaked and I find myself investigating “the truth”.

They say, (not exactly sure who they are) “there are always three sides to a story, yours, mine and the truth”.

Is that even true?

So much power given to truth.

Our whole judicial system is based on it.
Our intimate and romantic relationships are based on it.
Our careers and businesses are based on it.
Our health system is based on it.
Our education is based on it.
Our lives are based on it.

Everything is based on knowing the truth.


Do we ever, without any shadow of a doubt, know the truth?

If we are all able to move freely on this Earth, then at any point in time, can our truths be exactly the same?

If I’m standing over here and you’re standing over there, do we see, hear, feel, witness the same truth? Even when we are a part of the same scene?

As for my own truth, is that even true?

Be true to yourself.
You will be guided by the truth.
Live your truth.
The truth will set you free.

With so much conditioning, external influences, mind altering substances (hard and soft, legal and illegal), beliefs, values, conformity, stressors, internal influences, bodily functions (hormones etc), personality traits – how do we know the truth is the truth?

Are we ever striped bare?

Is there ever a time we are present to no masks, no conditioning, no external influences, no mind altering substances, no beliefs, no values, no conformity, no stressors, no internal influences, no bodily functions, no personality traits. No thing?


We’ve been raised to always tell the truth. At home. At school. At work. At play. In relationships. Growing up was enveloped with truth telling. An incident occurs and we are reminded we must tell the truth.

What then of the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy even. How do we compartmentalise them to be truths?

Is a non truth ok if it’s not hurting anyone?

Yet how many childhoods were shattered once the truth of these fictional characters came out?

No wonder the truth is so confusing.
Set with conflicting demands.


Is it therefore merely the fact we’ve all chosen to agree it so?

Perhaps in truth, there is no one truth.

There are many truths.

Yours, mine, ours, theirs.
Individual truths, accumulated truths, community truths, world truths, universal truths.

Which in reality are subject to change!

Now I remember what got me started on this exploration of truth.
I recently read a book called The Truth, an uncomfortable look at relationships, by Neil Strauss, which is a whole other story in its self.

What struck me was this was one mans journey.

His truth.

Not my truth.

Not your truth.

His truth.

Yet it’s so boldly labeled, “The Truth”.
I may be missing something here and if I am I apologise for my naivety.

Any way, right now, it’s not about his book, rather about how I got to be questioning the truth.

Sitting in contemplation.

We think we know so much.
We think we have all the answers.

We think we live in truth.

Whose truth?

And did you find the above definitions of truth as contradictory as I did?


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  • Andrew Coon
    April 8, 2016 7:52 am

    A great topic, so well written and thought provoking.

    So what are you saying about the Easter Bunny, Santa & the Tooth Fairy….. next you’re probably gonna say that Peter Pan isn’t true…… ;o)


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