1. adequate for the want or need; sufficient for the purpose or to satisfy desire:
enough water; noise enough to wake the dead.


 2. an adequate quantity or number; sufficiency.


 3. in a quantity or degree that answers a purpose or satisfies a need or desire; sufficiently.

 4. fully or quite:
ready enough.


 5. (used to express impatience or exasperation):
Enough! I heard you the first time.

Source: Dictionary.com


What is it with the not enough’s?

The not good enough?

The not smart enough?

The not pretty enough?

The not tall enough?

The not thin enough?

The not fit enough?

The not fast enough?

The not strong enough?

The not feminine enough?

The not masculine enough?

The not tough enough?

The not enough money?

The not enough sleep?

The not enough time, hours in a day?

The not enough joy?

The not enough love?

The not enough…?
You can fill in the blank.

Why isn’t there enough?

Ironically, as for the not enough’s, there seems to be a flood of them.
Slaps hand to forehead, go figure.

Where did all this lack come from to begin with?

Why isn’t enough enough anymore?

For the record, let’s get one thing perfectly clear here and now, before we go any further. There is more than enough, for everyone.

I am enough.

You are enough.

We are enough.

There is an abundance of enough’s.
Honestly, there is.

There is enough food, shelter, money, materials, resources, power, land, sunshine, products, services, water, air, love, humility, good, etcetera, etcetera, than you could ever imagine possible, ample. Especially if from renewable sources, like love for instance.

Let’s take time for example. There is always enough time. We all have the same amount. No exceptions. No bonuses for being kind or doing good deeds, arriving early and leaving last, nor taking on more than is asked of you. Time, is the same for everyone, divid up equally amongst us all. The only difference being – priorities. It’s how we prioritise our time that appears to give more to some, than others. Don’t have enough time, look at your priorities.

I’m not sure where this scarcity mentality ever came from and how it kept/keeps getting passed on from generation to generation.

Was it the great divide?
So the rich could keep getting richer and the poorer poorer?
Not sure, just imagining.

What I do know, it doesn’t have to be this way forever.
We can put a stop to the pattern repeat whenever we feel like it.
Reclaim the power of enough.

Be enough.

See enough.

Have enough.

Do enough.


I did.

And if I can, anyone can.

And yes, absolutely, for sure, I too laid victim to the not enough’s for many a year, decades.

Until one day, enough was enough!

I reprogrammed my brain to be enough.

I now live in the state of plenty, in the land of enough, surrounding myself with glorious riches. Riches in heart and riches in life. Grateful for everything I have and grateful for everything I don’t have. In essence I have no more or no less than I did when I lived in the land of lack. The only shift, my perspective has changed.

Not enough is a learned reaction. It is not a natural response. It goes against the natural flow of life.

If you are living in the land of lack, I implore you, please do some exploring. Some thought provoking, brain altering, mind shifting, new neurones firing and swim across to the land of enough. There’s copious amounts of everything here.

Begin each day with, ‘I am enough’.
Keep repeating it over and over again until you feel it at your very core.
Because, you are enough.
We are all enough and we’re all worthy of being enough.

Then once you’re comfy with ‘I am enough’, add some more to your enough repertoire. I have enough. I do enough. I give enough. I be enough. I receive enough and so forth.

We will never run out of enough’s.

Psst, here’s the secret.
It’s an inside job.

Trusting too you realise, the only person you have to be enough for, is yourself.

Change your thinking, change your life.
Go from not enough, to enough.

Cause perhaps, if you don’t, you could just end up a nuff nuff!

If you do already live in the land of enough, I applaud you. Congratulations, on owning your enough-ness.


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  • So true, I love this article. To feel enough is to feel freedom. Thank you Lyndal for writing again. Your words are inspirational to me. Love and hugs xxx

    • Humbled you find my words/writing inspirational Rosalie, thank you and love your add on –
      “to feel enough is to feel freedom”.

      You’ve given me another topic to write about!

      Big love & huge hugs, Lyndal xx

  • Thank you Lyndal. I imagine that writing these reaffirms your thoughts and must be very therapeutic. It’s human nature not to be satisfied, always wanting more things, often that we can’t afford, putting our lives in the hands of others.

    It’s a concious effort that reflect and be grateful. It’s refreshing for you to share this.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Writing this does reaffirm my thoughts and it is therapeutic, I hadn’t actually thought of it as being so until you mentioned it, so thank you.

      I’m not so sure on it being human nature to not be satisfied. I think it’s a learned thing and or a conditioning as such and more likely in western societies perhaps. Not necessarily natural.

      I absolutely agree, it is a conscious effort to reflect and be grateful. It’s something I practice daily.

      Appreciate your input and feedback, thank you.


  • Thanks Lyndal, this is a great lesson for us all. Good to be reminded that ” it’s an inside job!”


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