Hello beautiful people,

Remembering I’m no expert in the field of sex, sexuality, relationships and so forth. I have no formal qualifications whatsoever. I have no looking glass, crystal ball, or mind reading abilities (not yet anyway!). I do however have over two decades of resources collated, knowledge obtained, wisdom sourced, lessons learnt, literature read, experiences gained, decisions made, self reviewed, all from my days dedicated to the relationship I have with my bisexual husband being the best it possibly can be.

What I do know for a fact, without any shred of a doubt – a relationship like mine, loving a bisexual man can be a happy, fulfilling, successful, sensual, sexual and intimate one, on all levels. It isn’t reserved for the fittest, the healthiest, the richest, the biggest, and the best…it is for anyone willing and able to go there. To put in the hard miles, if required. To negotiate and renegotiate. To seek assistance. To make mistakes. To forgive. To trust. To create. To laugh. To love. To live!

Sure it’s not your “traditional” run of the mill kind of relationship that is understood or even accepted in the eyes of all. It is different, I can guarantee you that! If that’s the one thing stopping you from creating the love and life you want, the “what will people think of me, of us”, phenomena, then I say this with the gentlest hand on my heart…build a bridge and get over it sister!

IT’S YOUR RELATIONSHIP…nobody else’s, yours!

Find a way to release all that conditioning. All those old beliefs that no longer serve you.

The only people who need to have any kind of say in your relationship, is you and your partner. You alone cannot achieve said outcome, in my most humble of opinions. They don’t say ‘it takes two to tango’ for no reason.

Some rules, guidelines, are solid and good for us, such as it taking two to tango. Some are so outdated the only benefit you could ever receive from them would be to wear them to a bad taste party, such as tango partners being restricted to only male and female!

I guess it comes down to priorities. Do you want to be loved by everyone else, which in reality, is never going to happen, or the man you love? Not that I’m saying he doesn’t love you already…what I am saying is you are the two most important people in your relationship. That is of course assuming you are in a relationship made for two…

Relationships themselves come in all manner of shapes and forms these days. I’m speaking from the perspective I know best, the two fold, me and my bisexual husband. Which isn’t all he’s made up of by the way. It’s a part of who he is, a significant part…and I love him for it.

I chose the man I love above anything or anyone else and by doing so put our family first.

It’s definitely been challenging and I confess to there being times over the years I found myself thinking there’s no way I can do this. There’s no way we can do this. It’s just not right.

Thank goodness I let those thoughts go and focussed on the good stuff, which at times was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It doesn’t matter how minute, it was still there!

Who do you choose?

Their happiness and approval or your own?

Big love & huge hugs,


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