Hello beautiful people,

Well it’s certainly been a long, long time since I checked in here last.

My health challenge, the one I had mentioned a little about in a previous post, got considerably worse and I was no longer able to keep this site going. My brain had decided to take a vacation, lights were on but no one was home!

Fortunately I’m well and truly over the worst of it now and on the better side of wellness and continue to heal in leaps and bounds (whoops…nearly wrote pounds!). Okay so there has been a bit of that too. I’m finally becoming more at peace with my body doing whatever it takes to be 100% healthy again.

Now that the lights are on and I’m home again, I feel ready to get back on deck and get this blog happening once more. Thought I was ready a couple of months ago…turns out I wasn’t!

One thing I’ve decided to do is make this site purely about the trials and triumphs of living with and loving my bisexual husband and all things related to managing a relationship such as my own which is considered untraditional, at the very least.

Therefore I’m in the midst of creating another site dedicated to all the things that interest, challenge, intrigue, inspire, motivate me and so forth, called Things That Make You Go Mmmm…

You can check it out over here if your interested www.lyndalcoon.com.au

In refocusing my energy here I’m going to start a fresh, so if I repeat a topic or something I’ve already talked about…so be it. It will most likely come from a different place now any way, as my life has changed a lot in this past year or so. I trust you understand.

I’d really love to hear from you. What you’d like to know. How it is I can best assist you and your bisexual husband to live out your happily ever after, if that is what both of you so choose.

FYI, the Private Facebook Group didn’t really pan out. I’m not sure if it was too confronting for some of you or there just aren’t that many of you out there living with your bisexual husbands, or because I simply dropped the ball (so to speak). Anyway this site is for you. Please do let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Well that’s it for today.

Short and sweet…a bit like me!

Big love & huge hugs,


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