Oh My Gosh!

Oh My Gosh!

How reminiscent of me.


I forgot to tell you about the Private Facebook group I have created for the straight wives, women partners of bisexual men. That is of course, until a time I can create a Private Members Forum on here.

Hmm…on second thoughts perhaps it may be beneficial to keep the FB group going as well. Who knows? We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

This private group has been created for the women partners of bisexual men to engage in healthy conversations with each other. The how to’s, the why do’s, the where to’s, the could you, would you, definitely not should you!

For this group is all about choices, no beating yourselves up over something you “should do” or “should’ve done”.

Only the best ingredients for making your relationships triumph.

Because they truly can triumph, if they aren’t already!

It is a place to share what has worked well for you, what hasn’t worked so well for you and what you would do differently next time a challenge or issue may arise. Or simply to ask what could I have done differently? Could I have done it differently?

It is a place for tips, pointers, offers of encouragement, support, empathy, suggestions, reminders, recommendations and so forth.

Please be aware, it is a healthy space, a positive place, a lets be nice race. It’s not a hangout for the poor me’s, why me’s, ain’t even gonna try me’s!

On a serious note (not that I haven’t been being serious until now) there is a Group Overview and an Etiquette and Rules of Engagement document to be read and agreed upon to be a part of this group. I shall post them as separate posts for your perusal so you get the gist of what I have created.

I understand not all of you will be in your happy place yet and we’re all no doubt at very different stages of our relationships and that’s perfectly okay. My take on life is if you want to be happy, successful, healthy, etc, then you’re best to hang out with people who are happy, successful, healthy, etc. Rather than hanging out with people who are unhappy, unsuccessful, unhealthy, etc, believing they can get you there, wouldn’t you agree? Like creates like.

As long as you and your partner are both willing to give your relationship the very best opportunity for happiness, success, health, etc, then you my lovely are most welcome to be a part of this group. That’s all it takes, a willingness to give it a real go and agree to the way the group operates.

Why a private group? Because I know not all of you are as comfortable about being so openly public with your relationships like I am. For your privacy and from my understanding, no one can find the group through searching, see who’s a member of the group or read any of the posts, comments or conversations taking place. That being said it is the Internet.

Having read the Group Overview, Etiquette and Rules of Engagement and you would like to be part of this group, now comes the tricky bit. We have to be Facebook buddies for me to join you up or for you to request to join. So my thoughts are if we are not already FB buddies, send me a friend request (by searching Lyndal Coon) with a private message attached asking to join the group. Also if you don’t want to stay FB friends, please feel free to unfriend me once you are sure you are part of the group. I will take no offence whatsoever. I do trust this all makes sense. If not it will sort it’s self out somehow!

Well that’s it from me today…

I hand it over to you…

Let’s create a community of loving, like minded, open and supportive sisters doing it for themselves.

What do you think?

You in?

Or are you out?

I guess I shall wait and see…

Until next time, no matter where you’re at in life, put a smile on your dial…it will make a huge difference to your day.

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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