Hello beautiful people,

Well it’s that time of year again when we get to give a big shout out of woo hoo to all whom express their sexual orientation as Bisexual.

For today, the 23 September, marks this year’s International Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Bi Pride Day, Bi Visibility Day, Bi Day.

Time to colour the world blue, purple and pink! These are the colours of the bisexual flag.

Stand up and be seen, acknowledged, recognised, celebrated and thanked for the tremendous contributions you bring to life’s rainbow of experiences.

If you’re not in a place where you are celebrated for who you truly are and how you openly express yourself, then please, today of all days, make an effort to go somewhere where you are and if that’s not physically possible, I encourage you to party on the inside! Or at the very least adorn yourself with the colour purple.

There are lots of ways to be a part of this fabulous day. If you don’t already have plans do a bit of Googling to find out what and if there’s anything happening in your area. Or for a quick and easy option check out the Bi Visibility website september23.bi.org

For my bisexual husband and me, we’ll be making the trip up to the big smoke to have a celebratory dinner in Melbourne, Australia with the crew from Bisexual Alliance Victoria. This is huge for me at the moment, as I’m much challenged with my health still, although that being the case, you know what? It’s oh so worth the effort. This is one way I get to thank Andrew for all that he is and all that he gives and how fabulous it is to have him as my life partner in all his bisexual glory.

If you’re in Melbourne, available tonight and would like to join us, I’m sure it’s not too late. To RSVP, contact James on 0407 823 025 to book your place. We’ll be at the Lord Newry Hotel, upstairs function room, 543 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North. Feel free to wear some blue, purple and or pink.

Wherever you are, however you choose to acknowledge this part of you, out loud and proud or quiet and subdued, please always remember you are to be celebrated…for you are so worth it…we’re all worth it!

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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