Hello beautiful people,

It’s been a while, I know and once again I apologise.

Hmm…although just thinking about it now…do I really need to apologise or do we just accept this is how I role, sporadically, and we take what we can, when I can deliver it?!

Mmm yes, let’s do that. From now on no more apologies from me for being such a slack arse, because I’m not…I’m a sporadical arse!

Yay, that feels better, I reckon we go with that, then I don’t have to beat myself up for being so slack and you know you’ll get a piece of me every now and then and that’s perfectly alright…unless of course, that changes! (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).

Now that we have that out of the way, the first item on the agenda is something I’ve realised I may have previously missed mentioning up until now…D’oh! If you’re in Victoria, Australia, Melbourne, the Peninsula or Geelong to be more precise, there is a Bisexual discussion group facilitated by members of Bisexual Alliance Victoria, which meets once a month to discuss all things Bi. Just click on the words Melbourne, Peninsula and Geelong to find out the where’s, the why’s, the when’s and the what times these chats happen. You can also click on the word Bisexual for more info about Bisexual Alliance Victoria.

Just to clarify this isn’t specifically a group for bisexual husbands (partners) and their straight spouses (partners). It’s open to all bisexually identifying people, bi-curious people, bi-friendly peeps, partners, lovers etc. We’ve been going to the Melbourne one for a few years now and I love it.

Oh and FYI, just to flag this one, the Geelong Bi Chat takes place tomorrow night, Thursday 15 August, so if your keen to go along to that one, you might want to click the link sooner than later!

Secondly it may be best to pre-warn you, now that we’ve just come to the above arrangement; I may be even more sporadic than usual (if it’s at all possible!). To cut a very long story short, my body is being challenged at present (and has been the past two months) by a severe case of Mercury Poisoning which has affected my brain. It has also affected my ability to speak properly with the last 4 weeks being rather quiet indeed, pretty much in silence. I think a couple of weeks ago there was about an hour’s window of some form of words coming out, then gone again!

Fortunately it hasn’t affected my ability to write as such, as you are well aware of by now from reading this and I can still manage to communicate, to some degree!

There are other symptoms playing out too, although I won’t go into the details here and now, except to say they are definitely keeping me on my toes by calling up all my strength, trust and courage to keep moving forward in the right direction, with a smile on my dial and a glow in my heart.

By now if you’ve been hanging around me for a while, you’ll know, me being me, I believe this is a gift, an opportunity for me to do some more work on myself, dive deeper into the crux of who I am. Being in silence certainly makes that part easier!

The one thing I love about this life of mine is its multitude of layers. Just because I have healed, released, forgiven, loved, moved on from that moment, doesn’t mean there won’t be any more of that to do on a different layer at a different level.

Me also being me, which you’ve probably already ascertained too by now, I like to do things in my own unique style, in my own big, bold, brassy, somewhat quirky and sassy way. No shrinking violet here! Not anymore anyway. So why not create a symptom in my body that has me dialoguing with my being on all levels, all at once! Let’s challenge the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and hell yeah, let’s even throw in the psychic or energetic as well! Why not…I can take it!

I’m very grateful for all the experiences thus far which have allowed me to thrive (hmm is that the right word?) during times like these when I am furthest out of my comfort zone. What I’m attempting to say here, is even though it can feel like shit in the thick of it, it also feels exhilarating to stretch beyond my current capabilities, understandings and possibilities, to knowing thyself even more, by becoming more authentic, less protective and fearful, more vulnerable, open, honest, loving and real.

Creative too, that’s what I have to become, as to temporarily loose one of my abilities to communicate as a speaker…uh hello…mentor and author, I have to find a way around my current predicament to still be able to do all those things.

I was put on this Earth to make a difference. I will continue to do that, no matter what gifts, obstacles, challenges, opportunities or bumps in the road are put before me.

Until next time,

Use the Force Luke!

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®












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