Hello beautiful people,

I’ve finally made some time (got up early, it’s just gone 5:00am, don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner!) to sit down and catch you up on all the happenings here at Sexual Biversity.

I’m going to start at the end and work backwards!

Thank you everyone who supported me on my venture to the big smoke to see Ellen. Usually I would begin by saying unfortunately I wasn’t able to pass a copy of my book onto her however there was absolutely nothing unfortunate about that experience. I had the most fabulous day. Everything just flowed from go to woe or wow if truth be told!

To cut a long and wonderful story short, as this is a blog not a book! I must have been omitting some pretty positive vibes that day, as I met some truly amazing people from Ellen’s Australian and American crews, which in all honesty I shouldn’t have even made it in to see the show for the queue was humungous by the time I arrived, there were literally thousands in front of me! Somehow I managed to be ushered past them all and landing myself in the most brilliant of spots under the shade of a welcoming umbrella (the only shade in the place on a 34°C day!) right up close and personal, less than 10 metres to Ellen and the stage…perfect!

The buzz and energy created by doing this has been brilliant. A new energy has emerged to take Sexual Biversity and me with it to a whole new arena.

Hello world here I am!

Ready, willing and able to shout out even louder how being married to and in love with a bisexual man is nothing short of a miracle. No really, truly, how could it not be? To love another as unconditionally as I do Andrew, with all our trials and tribulations, heartache and pain, successes and wins, peace and happiness, this has to be a miracle.

Let me assure you here (if you don’t already know) there is nothing special about Andrew or myself. Two regular Joes…okay one Joe and one Josie! Doing the best we can. How fabulous we now get to celebrate and share with you from our own experiences how possible it is to live happily, lovingly and fulfilling on all levels, in a relationship like this, when one of you (or more!) is bisexual.

The key here, the ultimate key is you both have to choose to make the relationship work and it may take quite a bit of work too. One cannot carry the other. Both hearts and beings need to be fully committed to the cause and the desired outcome.

That being said, I’m trusting the majority of you will do it easier than I did and if you’ve read my book Sexual Biversity, loving my bisexual husband, you know exactly what I am talking about!

Hmm perhaps I was a bit ambitious when I said at the start of this blog I would catch you up on all the happenings here at Sexual Biversity. I’ll have to chunk it down, as I now have to get ready for the rest of my day. This is a much shorter version than the one I had originally written! I think the above reminder ‘this is a blog not a book’ was more for my benefit than yours!

Oh and if you’re on Facebook please feel free to like my Sexual Biversity page if at all you can. The more out and open we are, the better it will get. For everyone!

Keep on keeping on!

Big love & huge hugs,

IL&G (Infinite Love & Gratitude!).


‘practice what you passion’®


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