Hello beautiful people,

Thought I’d share some big news with you…

Drum roll please…

Winter is almost over…


Isn’t that just brilliant!?

As much as I’ve done my best to embrace winter this year, I’m so pleased it is almost over. It certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing nor has it been a torrential out pouring of pain either. There have definitely been a few ups and downs and absolutely there is room for improvement on my part, however overall the experience of winter this year has been and still is (not for long now!) highly beneficial that’s for sure.

Compared to previous winters I am doing things differently this time round. Yes, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is in play and I was quite gobsmacked at how quickly my mood and energy levels could change in a blink of an eye, from the highs of highs to the low of lows. Thankfully having that awareness was gold as it meant I could work with it instead of against it. Which at times simply meant…putting myself to bed!

In doing so, it did mean I missed out on a few events and interactions I’d been looking forward to which I was disappointed about. I simply didn’t have the energy or mind space to engage. It was a great lesson in letting go, especially for someone who doesn’t like missing out!

On the plus side I really got to explore what makes me tick.

I changed the way I eat which not only assisted with my mindset and energy levels this winter I’m convinced it healed my body as well. Since the beginning of the year I have been recovering from an injury (popped some ribs!) which I wasn’t aware I’d done (even with the pain I was in – just thought my bra was too tight!) until it effected my shoulders, back, hips and knees, giving me great grief and restricting my ability to exercise (no more cardio/running and dropping my toning sessions down to 2 per week).

After 7 months of working with the physical and 1 week of changing the way I ate I noticed a subtle difference in how my body was feeling. A week later I noticed I could work a bit harder at toning without having to recover afterwards. A week after that, I was drawn to give jogging a little go and to my delight had no knee/hip blowouts or pain in my body whatsoever. A week later it appeared all systems go and I could increase how far I could jog and for the first time in 7 months I ran 2 kilometres feeling the strongest and fittest I have in a long time and buzzing afterwards.

It may be a while before I’m doing the km’s again however my body is feeling fabulous and I’m looking forward to gradually increasing my exercise routine once more to the standard I like to train at and all because (I believe) I changed the way I was eating!

Speaking about exercise it is so important for total health, wellbeing and getting beyond winter time in a saner manner! On the days I couldn’t get out I noticed SAD was so much more prevalent than on days when I could. It really does clear the head.

Oh and what a difference sexercise makes to SAD…need I say more? Okay I will! The benefits are huge. If you don’t believe me why not experiment for yourself and reach your own conclusion or better yet…climax! If you can bring yourself to orgasm (either alone or not!) the benefits are even greater than great! SAD…what SAD! Maybe that’s what I’ll do next winter, increase my sexercise! Wait a minute this winter isn’t finished yet. Hmm let’s see how beneficial sexercise really is. I’m game…all for a good greater than myself…will report back once testing is complete!

Mindset is so important too. Being present is paramount for good health (on all levels) and great relationships. Stopping and going within during winter is actually my greatest gift. If I could embrace that then I’d truly adore winter time, as it is, going within can still be met with some resistance.

I am a being forever evolving. What I loved about myself yesterday can change today. Continuing to love myself unconditionally on all levels, no matter what, takes work on my part and during times of low energy and lack of sunlight is very challenging for me to do.

Going within and being present gave me an opportunity to discover more of myself that I didn’t know about or wasn’t willing to admit to myself before now, let alone anybody else! Low energy is not something I am challenged with only in the winter time. Low energy levels have challenged me for years and I would even go so far as to say is akin to chronic fatigue. Drawing that line in the sand and admitting I have flaws/challenges in this area of my life has allowed me to explore freeing myself from its vices.

I’m grateful this winter I did find a course to do online that is right up my alley and is assisting me in creating and maintaining high levels of energy. Woo hoo!

What I also noticed this winter is for the last couple of years or so I had slowly allowed myself to get quite critical of myself again and resisted my natural ebb and flow. Winter I’ve discovered is a great time of year for me to do some clearing, some forgiving, some accepting, some refocusing and planning, some hibernating and lots and lots of loving. It is what it is! What I choose to do with ‘it’ is key to creating my complete health, wellbeing and happiness!

If I get to a place where I can really enjoy winter time then fabulous…woo hoo!

If I don’t, accepting it and embracing it as part of my cyclic rhythm, is what I will do.

One way or another winter and I will be friends!

Thank goodness I have the love and support of my beautiful family and friends who allow me to be me with all my challenges, flaws, gifts and graces!

So how are you faring this winter? That is of course if you are experiencing winter in your part of the world!

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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