Hello beautiful people,

Woo hoo…again!

The Geelong launch party was such a hit. I had the best time. Thank you to all the gorgeous folk that made this book launch and party such a success. I must admit to being somewhat nervous as to how this one would turn out after the Melbourne one being such a hoot! You’d think by now I’d have learnt to go with the flow and not get my knickers in such a twist! Breathe and release…breathe and release! Once I got to the venue though, I just knew it was going to be another fabulous night.

This book has such a powerful message and I’m simply the delivery girl!

I love too how natural and fun speaking in front of people has become to me now. No more shaking in my boots…literally! I love sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences of what it’s like living with and loving my wonderful husband who swings both ways.

I know I’ve said it before…if by doing so I can assist one other person on this planet to live and love unconditionally, it’s truly worth the risk. I trust that completely.

From the feedback I’ve been receiving thus far, I am thrilled to report I’m assisting more than one other person. Woo hoo! It’s more like lots and lots of people! Not necessarily in a similar situation to me either I might add. It seems as though you don’t have to be in a relationship with a bisexual to benefit from what I have to share.

What a privilege and an honour it is to be of such service.

I believe the more we open up to our true selves, owning our own beliefs and values (that is…no longer carrying around other peoples!) and letting go of all that out-dated useless conditioning we have, how extra-ordinary life can be.

I know there are still times when I have to pull myself up and check out what is going on for me. What is this feeling? Where did it come from? Do I own it? Or is it somebody else’s? Especially when it comes to conditioning…I’m still tweaking that one! I find as long as I can recognize it for what it truly is…then I can easily breathe through it!

So what’s holding you back?

If there is something…look to see who owns it! If you do…breathe and easily release it!

Oh and thanks again for two awesome book launches beautiful people…woo hoo!

Big love & huge hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®


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