Hello beautiful people,

Happy International Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

Woo hoo!

What an honour it is to be able to say that today with such appreciation, gratitude and an air of excitement to boot!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the mere thought of my husband being bisexual had me feeling sick to my stomach.

I’m so in awe with the fact that it is 18 (almost 19) years post disclosure I am more in love with my gorgeous husband today than what I was 23 years ago when we first started dating!

To embrace Andrew and his sexual expression completely has been one of my greatest gifts of all time. There is nothing else on this Earth that compares to loving another unconditionally.

How very fortunate I am.

How very grateful I am.

How very proud I am.

To acknowledge, celebrate and give thanks to all the years gone by, including the tough ones (which there was plenty of those let me tell you!), is such a pleasure to do today. For without any or all of those times, experiences and years I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today. I am such a better person for knowing and loving my bisexual husband.

For in all honesty my husband’s sexuality is such a minor part of who he really is. However in choosing to assist others in a similar situation as me I have made it a huge part of my everyday life.

So how are you going to enjoy International Celebrate Bisexuality Day today?

Or are you even in a place where you can indeed enjoy International Celebrate Bisexuality Day?

Wherever you are on your travels…choose love and I bet it will choose you right back!

As for Andrew and I, we’re getting together tonight with some wonderful people at a dinner hosted by Bisexual Alliance Victoria. Woo hoo!

If you’re in Melbourne and you’re bi or bi friendly and you would like to celebrate with us please call James on 0407 823 025 or email pres@bi-alliance.org

Oh my gosh I nearly forgot!

Where would a celebration be without a song!



Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®


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