Hello beautiful people,

I am so grateful that I have been able to readjust to my life back at home and that it only took me just over a week to do so which in the scheme of things is not very long at all! In fact I love my life. No matter where I am or whom I’m with, I simply love my life. Sometimes it just takes a little reminding for me to remember!

For me, home is where my heart is and my heart resides with my beautiful family, no matter where they are. No physical or material matter can change that fact. They will always be in my heart. Phew…thank goodness I have such a big heart!

Nor will I allow the colour of the sky to determine how I’m feeling. Blue sky or no blue sky I am the only one who chooses how I will feel in each and every precious moment of my truly wondrous life. And I feel fabulous. What’s more, behind every dark and gloomy cloud, blue sky waits patiently for its moment to reappear once more again anyway! How gorgeous is that?

Every day I am grateful for the person I am and the experiences I have. Sure, it hasn’t always been that way, there were years when I truly hated myself and wished with all my might to be somebody else living some other life. And most of all…that my husband wasn’t into having sex with men!

Today, to have a husband whose sexual expression is bisexual…woo hoo I say! How blessed I am. Andrew has taught me so much about life, love, sex and sexuality amongst an assortment of other lovely goodies for which I am eternally grateful. As too have my family and each and every person I have encountered over the years, in one form or another!

To share with you this extra-ordinary adventure of mine is such an honour and a pleasure. However that being said I do have to be completely honest and share with you, that sometimes I forget that and allow fear to creep in once more to stifle my flow. Finding my way back to love is such a gift in and of itself.

My trip away gave me the recharge and refocus I require to continue to move forward with my purpose from a place of ease, love and allowance. I thank you for your patience and look forward to giving you an official date for the release of my book, ‘Sexual Biversity, loving my bisexual husband’…sooner rather than later! Woo hoo!

It feels so good to be back.

And by the way, I have a meeting with my publisher next week!

Until next time, enjoy your day, enjoy your life. Be the one who chooses how you feel in any given moment.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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