Hello beautiful people,

Having arrived back home a couple of days ago now and realising I am challenged by that! It became blatantly obvious to me that I was oh so easily (too easily!) focusing on the negative aspects of being home and not the positive! Such as, housework not done, washing not done, what’s for dinner being one of the first questions asked! Grey cold bleak weather, houses being too close to mine, no ocean view, no outside shower, dishes needing doing, Andrew going back to work, missing the Byron lifestyle, missing my beautiful new friends. Beginning to feel unwell.

Thankfully being only day two home (not week two or even month two!) I made a snappy decision this morning to either sit in my sombre, sad, unwell mood or I could shift through it.

So in shifting my mood from a place of sadness and loss to joy and deep gratitude, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things about my trip to Byron.

In no particular order!

Cosy bedroom and comfy bed with ocean views

Gorgeous housemates

Beautiful new friends (you know who you are!)

Outside shower with ocean views

Instant continuous hot water

Compost toilet!

Ocean views!

Blue skies

Sunshine & warmth


Vitamin D

Vitamin L (L stands for Love just in case you were wondering!)

The lighthouse walks

Step into Life®

AUM Meditation

5 Rhythms

Aspiration Action Agents!

Farmers Markets

Cuddle Parties

Kiva Spa

Expanded being

Heartfelt connections

Bumping into people I knew when I was out and about (that was so cool…felt so at home!)

Andrew arriving…yay!

Reconnecting with Andrew…yay!

Love making with Andrew…woo hoo!!

Urban Tantra® Professional Training with Barbara Carrellas (and a whole host of open, loving, present people)

Honesty and openess



Cargasms (actually that was on the way home!)


The beaches

The food

The climate

The environment

Many authentic and conscious teachers


Future book promotions for when my book is launched, woo hoo!

The endless possibilities

The respect and great love

Six feet under!

Bananas ($4.50 per kilo!)

The light and the dark

My courage



And last though by no means least, sacred sex workers!

Ah that feels so much better. Thank you for indulging me.

I truly am blessed.

Is there anything that you’ve been experiencing as a loss that you could see as a gain?

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®


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  • I loved this list Lyndal! I smiled and grinned as I took stock of how blessed I was to have participated in so many of the moments you cherished. I love that the Aspiration Action Agents rated a mention too – they do completely rock!

    Now I can’t wait to hear your gratitude list for all the things you are loving about being home. I am sure there are many once you start looking for them 🙂

    Love and hugs right back at you, M x

    • Thank you Mandie,
      How blessed I am!
      As for the gratitude list for all the things I am loving about being back home…it’s endless!
      Love & hugs x


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