Hello beautiful people,

Tuesday night I arrived at what is going to be my home away from home for the next six weeks (or there about…oh my gosh!) and surprisingly in only a few short days I’m already feeling quite settled and relaxed. Though I imagine I would feel even more relaxed if I wasn’t questioning my sanity in coming on this trip in the first place! How could I have ever thought that I could possibly stay away from my trusty sidekicks (my gorgeous family) and my caped crusaders (my fabulous friends) for that long! What was I thinking?

If it wasn’t for the wonderful opportunities that I mentioned in my last post combined with the delight of serendipity, celebrations (I was fortunate to be invited along to a birthday party in honour of his Holiness the Dalia Lama on Wednesday night – which turned out to be a very auspicious moment in my life indeed!), connections, trust, growth, sunshine, loving friends (old – as in already established, new and not yet met!), the most stunning of surroundings and a comfy bed to fall into at the end of each day, I would have definitely taken myself back home again by now believe me!

Little did I know too how grateful I would be to use some of this time away to revitalize, recharge, refocus, reconnect with myself and perhaps even do a little reinventing while I’m at it! What new ideas, thoughts and feelings can be, will be, and are being created when in a complete state of me, myself and I.

It’s amazing too what a large dose of vitamin D can do for the creative juices, let alone for nourishing the soul.

Strange too as it may sound I’m kinder liking the fact that I am missing Andrew. We’ve never been apart from each other anywhere near as long as this before and as much as my heart aches there’s something kind of magical and comforting in knowing I miss him so much and likewise he me!

There’s a depth to our relationship unfolding now that wasn’t there when I was at home from an opportunity to share and connect on a level other than the everyday. There’s a real rawness to it as well as we both sit in the discomfort of being apart from each other and the vulnerability that arises through the reflections on life, love, purpose and the part we each play in it, together and individually.

On the flip side there is the bliss of reconnection when Andrew comes to visit! That I am very much looking forward to and yes in more ways than one! Then there will be my return home, which at present seems so very, very far away, though I’m sure will be upon me before I know it. Now that, I imagine, will be a whole other blog post in itself!

So as I sit here looking over the treetops to the vast blue ocean waters quite literally just over there, (if I take a few good leaps surely I can make it!) contemplating all there is to experience in this state of aloneness (as opposed to loneliness) what is it you are sitting with and where are you sitting? Is it comfortable?

A guru friend once told me, well okay told me more than once! ‘be content to struggle grasshopper’. I’m sure he was telling me there is comfort to be had in the uncomfortable! If not, then there certainly is growth!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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