Hello beautiful people,

For me here in the land of Oz today is mothers day and as a mother myself (and a daughter!) I find this mothers day full of great contemplation from both perspectives. I wonder too if this deeper reflection, more so than any other year, is due to the fact that I have my first radio interview tomorrow, the documentary Andrew and I are a part of is just around the corner, as too is the pending release of my book, that my emotions are already running on overdrive from the extra-ordinary adventures I am about to embark upon!

Sifting through all these feelings surging through my body right now, I find myself not only questioning my being as a mother and daughter, there’s lover, sister, friend, and even role model dropping into the mix! Have I done the best that I could do? Am I doing the best that I can? What kind of mother am I? What kind of daughter am I? What kind of…you get the gist!

Maybe I’m not the worlds greatest mum. Maybe I’m not the worlds greatest daughter. Maybe I’m not…do I need to go on? And before you think I’m heading down the path of poor me or self flagellation, let me reassure you – that I am certainly not. I may not be a lot of things, though what I am…is real. No masks, no running away from the truth, no hiding behind a body that is so much bigger than me (40 kilos bigger than me I might add!) for fear of living an authentic life with my bisexual husband, just because it is different to that of the norm! Quite frankly I am what I am and it is what it is.

I have given my children all of me and more. I have given them the good, the bad and yes at times the ugly. I have given them transparency, tears, respect and appreciation. I have given them unconditional love, laughter and joy on so many levels.

I have given my mother all of me and more. I have given her…okay by now you know how it goes!

Every day I give all of me in the best possible way I know how. Some days I feel stronger, healthier, happier, fitter and on par with my purpose than I do on other days, so of course my best on those days is better than my best on other days. Though compared to my dark days of history’s past these days of mine on the whole are still great days!

And with everything I have given I have also received, including the good, the bad and yes at times the ugly! And how thankful I am for all of it. To experience a love so grand as the love I now have in my life with every step, every heartbeat, every breath of air is all so, so very worth it. I may not be the worlds greatest mum, daughter, lover, sister, friend or role model, however I am the worlds greatest!

And you are too!

And just to prove it! Please click on this link and enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyaNlZaVOpc

Would I do it all again? You bet I would! Hmm though maybe I wouldn’t take so long to get here!

So on this very special day Happy Mothers Day to all mothers…mine, yours and ours…past, present and future…I salute you. With great love, great respect and great appreciation for all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will be. Thank you.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®


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