Hello beautiful people,

Throughout the past few months now (just for a change!) I have been exploring the greater world that is sex, sexuality, gender and relationships and am happy to report stumbling over some wonderful gems.

One of those gems I believe you definitely can’t go past (in relation to all of the above!) is the ‘Pleasure Salon Melbourne’ and before you ask, no it’s not a swingers bar or sex on premise venue, even though it could be mistaken for sounding a bit that way! It is however a wonderful place for the learning and discussion of sex, sexuality, gender and relationships in general, in a fun, funky and grown-up way!

Actually, the best way to describe The Pleasure Salon Melbourne is to let it do the describing for you! Below is an extract graciously taken from the Pleasure Salon Melbourne website.

Where people meet to talk about sex!

Pleasure Salon Melbourne aims to provide a community base for people from all walks of life within the Melbourne, Australian and international sex-positive communities, to get together and exchange passions, thoughts, ideas, feelings, creative expression, art, politics and anything else that happens to inspire, engage or educate around the theme of sexuality.

Sex Positive-ism, can mean many things to many people. To us, being sex- positive means we embrace the notions of pleasure and sexuality in a positive light. We see sex and pleasure as integral parts of the human condition, and not something that we should be ashamed of or feel embarassed about.Having said that, it’s often good to have the oportunity to meet with like minded friends over a drink and discuss the ins and outs of sex, or seek to deepen your knowledge of a particular area or experience within sexuality.

Being sex-positive means not only having an interest in sex, but also educating yourself and others about what sex and pleasure can be. If you feel that this describes you, you may be the kind of person we’d love to meet.

Take note: Pleasure Salon Melbourne is not intended to be a pick up joint ( although if you do hook up, good for you!) Unsolicited sleaze will not be tolerated. If your interest in Pleasure Salon Melbourne is merely to get laid, you will be sorely disappointed!

Please join us in creating Melbourne and Australia’s first Pleasure Salon Melbourne. Our values of respect, tolerance and non-judgmental support for Australia’s diverse sexual communities are fundamental for this organisation to exist in a public forum, and we encourage all attendees to embrace these values within our sex-positive community.

The Pleasure Salon Melbourne has been created and named after the inspiring Pleasure Salon gatherings in New York City.

Doesn’t it sound absolutely brilliant? Well it is! Though don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Visit http://pleasuresalonmelbourne.wordpress.com/ for the when, the where’s and the why’s (hmm, perhaps that could read wise!).

And if you’re not able to get to Melbourne, start doing some digging in your own backyard and see what gems you can discover in your local area – or within a radius you’d be happy to travel too (perhaps an hour or two!). And lets not forget cyberspace, there is a treasure trove of gems out there!

That’s a sneak peak of one of the gems I have found on my travels. Keep a look out for some more wonderful gems in my upcoming posts.

Until then keep smiling beautiful people,

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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