Hello beautiful people,

Having recently returned home (sounds a bit similar to the start of my previous post!) from a school trip with my daughter to Indonesia, with a mild concussion I might add (due to a fall I had whilst away!), has made it very challenging indeed trying to string two sentences together, verbally that is, let alone putting something here in writing for you!

My world is continually spinning, perhaps not as fast today as it was a week ago (thank goodness!), although I am still dealing with this overwhelming and constant feeling, very much like that of being drunk!  Hiccup! Just joking! There is absolutely no alcohol in my system and there hasn’t been for days, days I tell you! It just feels like it!

And how I have so wanted to connect with you all and let you know what has been going on in the wonderful world that is Sexual Biversity.

Drum role please.

I have a date for the screening of the documentary that Andrew and I are a part of, yay, woo hoo, yippee!

The series is called Australians Exposed and the episode we feature in is called Sex, Lies and Double Lives. It will be debuting on Monday 16th May on the Foxtel Lifestyle YOU channel at 9:30 pm AEST.

Too say that I’m a little excited would be an understatement really!

This is happening! I mean, I know this is happening, as I wouldn’t be here writing this now. What I’m getting at is this is the next (majorly public!) step in the road that leads to that of making a difference. There is no turning back now, no exchange or return of sale, its a done deal!

My story, or I could say our story (sorry babe), as I have made this all about me for far too long now! Its time to bring Andrew in to the light in full view too for all to see and appreciate his contribution – thankfully he is fully willing and able to do so! Is really going to be out there!

Sexual Biversity – Loving my bisexual husband (note the subtitle change – pretty cool hey!) the book is on its final editing stages too and considering I only signed with the publisher in February to have it coming out in May (all going according to plan!) is phenomenal to say the least!

Knowing that this message is so much bigger than me has been testament by the serendipitous journey this book has taken me on. This message, my story (oops, our story – told by me, he he!) has an energy and a life of its own that even if I wanted too I couldn’t stop. In fact I am actually in awe and wonder of the whole experience. It is beyond anything I have ever known or imagined.

Already interviews are being booked and I am fully conscious and aware that this is going to be a very, very busy time of my life. Of our lives! The trick in all of this will be staying grounded and making sure that I articulate this message in the best possible way.

Hmm I can only trust too that my head will be right by then for me to do so!

Will keep you posted on developments as they happen.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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