Hello beautiful people,

Andrew and I had a blast at the Pride March Victoria on Sunday; in fact my cheeks are still recovering from smiling so much! The colours, the sounds, the buzz of excitement and all the gorgeous people coming together as one – out, loud and proud, was exhilarating to say the least.

I was amazed too at just how diverse the groups marching were.  So much to learn!

What I loved most was that there were no judgments, well perhaps on second thought there was one – a man on the top of a bus shelter with a bible in his hand yelling out against all who passed by in the parade!  Though a part from that, it was pure freedom – freedom to be yourself.

Marching with Bisexual Alliance as a woman whose sexual expression is heterosexual (today anyway!) I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed and at ease I felt with the whole experience. On the day I wasn’t nervous one bit.  Now take a step or two back a few days leading up to the march and that’s an entirely different story altogether!  For a moment there a thought I wasn’t even going to be able to go at all! Had it not been for the fact we were meeting the Director there (from the doco we are a part of) I believe I would have chickened out completely! ‘There’s always next year’ I would have told Andrew!

To add to my anxiety it was suggested that this was a great opportunity to create some awareness about Sexual Biversity, so we had some shirts made up with the website on them! If that’s not pushing the comfort zone then I don’t know what is. It brings me great joy to know even today how much releasing and letting go I have to do. How adrenalin pumping it is to feel the fear and do it anyway. And how incredibly proud and humbling it was to march next to my husband, holding his hand as we stood united as one.

What puzzles me most was this was the 16th Pride March Victoria and our first one! Where have I been hiding all these years? In all honesty I guess I wasn’t ready. To have been as nervous as I was in anticipation of going this year, when I have travelled so far since discovering Andrew’s same sex attraction, perhaps it’s understandable that I haven’t been before. Make no mistake; there will be no stopping me now.

Next step, Mardi Gras 2012!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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