Hello beautiful people,

You must think I dropped off the face of Earth. No Seasons Greetings or Happy New Year’s cheers either. Nothing! I know it can be a week or two before you hear from me, but this, how rude!

You will be pleased to know that I wasn’t being rude. I was having technological challenges with my blog. I’m not quite sure if it was more from a user’s perspective than the program itself (more than likely the latter!) however challenged I was! Finally I have it sorted – I think! If you are reading this then we are all systems go again!

I trust you all had an enjoyable Festive Season and New Year’s celebrations. I know this time of year can be very challenging for some. Usually I would have categorised myself in the some department, though thankfully not this year. Woohoo!

Just know that whatever you are doing; however you are being, whatever you are feeling is exactly what that moment is meant to be.

Remember too that thought is creative. If you choose to think happy thoughts then happiness is what you’ll receive. If you choose to think things are all doom and gloom then that too is exactly what you’ll get.

I spent last year really honing in on my thinking. For a start I stopped thinking about trying to think positively and just did it! When I caught myself thinking something negative about myself a person, a place or an experience I quickly replaced it with something positive, happy and/or loving instead. It made the world of difference to me, my family and my year!

The other thing I did that made for a great year was focus on my breathing. I was amazed at how often I held my breath! Breathing hmm, I think I’ll write a post about breathing all on its own as the benefits are more than you’d expect and not just for obvious reasons either!

Although my next post will be the one I was going to post on New Year’s Eve!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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