Hello beautiful people,

I know, I know, two days of celebration in almost as many days, what’s going on here?

Well, drum roll please…..today is my birthday and I’m thrilled to be celebrating 39 years on this wondrous Earth as me, myself and I!

Being in a place where I love being me has made the gift of my own birth such a truly humbling experience (possibly for the first time ever).  I am grateful for everything and everyone (and I truly mean everything and everyone) who has contributed, in one way or another, in guiding me to my light! I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else. Okay perhaps not quiet anywhere else…I hear Tahiti is nice this time of year! Maybe it’s I wouldn’t choose to be anyone else, not even for a million dollars.

This morning I rang my mum to say ‘happy giving birth day’! I’ve never done that before. I’ve never even thought to do that before!

It’s so nice to be in a place where it’s not all about me, even though it is my birthday!

Being in this loving place I know I’m not perfect. I know I have so much to learn still and so much more growing to do. I know that challenges will arise and comfort zones will be pushed to their extreme, again and again. I know I’m nowhere near finished yet. I know I still have so much to do, so much to see and so much to be.

I now know that all these things are what make my life so worthwhile. Not forgetting of course all the beautiful people I get to share all of these wonderful experiences with.

So cheers to my very happy birthday. And may you be as blessed as I am today when it is your turn to celebrate your birth day.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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