Hello beautiful people,

Today is a day full of celebration in the Coon household as Andrew and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.


Woohoo alright, if I say so myself!

How wonderful it is to be here as husband and wife, more in love today, after everything we have been through.

Would I have believed 18 years ago when first discovering my husband’s same sex attraction that I’d be here today, celebrating 20 years of marriage?  I very much doubt it! Back then, making it through 18 days would have been a miracle, let alone another 18 years and beyond!

As you would already know, from reading my previous entries, that it certainly hasn’t been an easy journey to reach this place of loving my husband unconditionally and embracing his complete being. I did do it the hard way, kicking and screaming as I went along. I desperately wanted my old life back, the one I had before disclosure. I wanted my straight husband – not this dented and bent one!

How wrong everything was, how terribly wrong everything was, especially my husband and his sick and twisted ways. And I’m not just referring to his sexuality here either, the way he could lie and cheat on me so easily too.

I am so grateful we were able to grow and evolve together and move beyond any old limitations, beliefs, conditioning and so forth that kept us stuck in the drama and despair of it all (me more so than Andrew!). I am extremely grateful to have found the strength to forgive my husband (and yes myself too) for everything. To trust again, to love again, to embrace life and all its glorious gifts however they may present!

I love being in love with my husband. I love the relationship we have created together. I love the beautiful family we have. I love my life!

Working out what was and is best for us and our family, regardless of what other people may think, has been the ultimate gift. This, the way we do our lives together, fits like a glove. It’s not a One Size Fits All kind of glove and I not only get that, I respect that too. However as the saying goes, if the glove fits – wear it, or was that if the shoe fits? Oh well doesn’t matter, you get what I mean!

So in thanking my husband and my children for loving and trusting me with the role of wife, lover (to my husband!), friend, mentor and mother (hmm, can I say only to my children?!) I give a little back.

I give you the gift of possibilities. The possibilities found in forgiveness, unconditional love, trust and true happiness. It is up to you what you choose to do with your gifts.

I know my own gifts will serve me well into the future and it will be an absolute buzz to post about my 40th wedding anniversary! Although who knows how we’ll be blogging in the year 2030!

Enjoy your journey, even if you are not in a place right now where you can enjoy your journey; enjoy the meantime whilst you are on your journey, on your way to your destination! Being in the now is phenomenally powerful.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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