Hello beautiful people,

There have been lots of things I have learnt along my travels throughout the years. The one that is at the forefront of my consciousness today would have to be the importance of looking after yourself.

I can’t stress enough how vital it is to look after yourself each and every day of your life, let alone during a time of great challenge.

I’m really only fully understanding this myself now!

For years my own health and well-being were at the bottom of my priority list. Maybe not quite the very bottom as I did think about the things I could do to improve my overall health and well-being, although never managing to make the shift in to actually doing something about it! I was too busy, too tired, too angry, too sad, too stressed and most of all drowning in a well of the not good enoughs that doing something of benefit for myself wasn’t worth it anyway, I wasn’t worth it!

Today I am grateful that looking after myself has reached the top of my priority list and is practised daily.  From exercising, to meditating, to thinking good thoughts, to fuelling my body with nutritionally rich foods, to drinking lots of pure fresh water, to sleeping well, to laughing lots with those who are near and dear to me and to giving thanks.  Just to name a few!

I love this feeling of taking care of myself. I love this feeling of worthiness I have gained and the desire to take care of myself. I love being me! It wasn’t easy reaching this place. I had to jump over a lot of hurdles and I stumbled and tripped on many an occasion. Now that I’m here though, I don’t ever see myself doing it any other way.

Do you know what I think changed it all for me?

I believe it was when I was able to change my focus from losing something (such as my weight) to gaining something (such as my overall health and well-being). I had tried and tried over the years to lose weight – only to end up finding it again and I’d usually find someone else’s weight they’d lost with it as well! Though seriously having the mind set now of gaining something has made looking after myself so much easier. I never imagined there’d be a time in my life where I would be training four times a week with a personal trainer and training hard too! Now that I am over my initial injuries my body just loves it. I love it and before long I’ll be training seven days a week!

No longer has worrying about my weight or dieting felt so good, it’s been a huge relief. No stress, no fuss, eat what I like when I like it and usually its good clean healthy wholesome food. I have the occasional treat – when I feel like it. I’m not going to restrict or deny myself in any way ever again. Food is my friend, not my enemy!

And by the way, just because someone doesn’t have any weight issues doesn’t mean they are at their optimum health. This was one obvious tell tale sign for me.

Balancing my being – my mind, my body and my soul has made the challenges that life throws at me every now and then much more manageable. In fact I rather enjoy a good challenge. Who would have thought that would ever be true for me!

I love the way I have taken charge of my life and made a difference to not only myself, my family as well. It’s a snowball effect really.

So where does your health and well-being fall on your priority list? Is it at the top? If not, why not? If it is, you know, there is always room for improvement!

Love & hugs,


‘practise what you passion’®

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  • I so agree, being fit and scheduling your own well being time is so important. I have always felt that my training time with a group of 4 other women was extremely important for me even if I didn’t get to the gym again during the week. This is time for me that only I can benefit from, these ladies have become great friends and we now catch up for the odd dinner, spa day, and are even talking of doing a girls weekend away. When I am with this group each week my life is normal, I am exercising and one day the weight may even go. All in good time. Keep up the good work.


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