Hello beautiful people,

I was absolutely gobsmacked today when I read an article about a young man (18 years of age – by the way my own son recently turned 18) who had his privacy so gravely violated by a fellow roommate (and I’m guessing his roommates friend) when they streamed online a live secret video they were filming of him having sexual encounters with a man.  This young man, Tyler Clementi then took his own life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River a few days later.

I ask you, what is this world coming to?  How dare they! The sooner this global community of ours accepts the full spectrum of sexuality the better.  How many lives have been lost and will continue to be lost due to the inability to accept homosexual interactions as an ordinary way of being.  Enough people, enough I say!

After reading about Tyler Clementi’s premature exit from this lifetime, may he rest in peace; I am more determined to continue on my difference making journey.  I will use my story, my life experiences and my voice in as many ways as I possibly can to bring about unconditional love, peace and acceptance amongst my fellow travellers no matter what the sexual expression of a person is.

It is a tragedy when a life is lost through the ignorance, arrogance and stupidity of others.  May a lesson be learnt, an opportunity to grow and evolve beyond such ignorance, arrogance and stupidity come out of such a devastating event.

Love is what makes the world go round.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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