Hello beautiful people,

For the last couple of weeks now I’ve had a bit of a head cold which at first thought was bugger!

Now I see it for the gift that it is, as I have thoroughly enjoyed pausing for a moment in this busy life of mine and spending some quality time going within.

I’ve had more time to meditate, I’ve had more time to sit and read, I’ve had more time to go for leisurely strolls along the beach (very leisurely I might add and with a BIG rest afterwards!).  I’ve had more time to be there for my family and I’ve had more time to really contemplate life and my place in it.  In a nutshell I have had a wonderful time just ‘being’, fully present and in the now.

Hitting the pause button gave me a great opportunity to stop and hear all the chatter that was going on in my head too.  I didn’t realise how negative I had allowed myself to be of late and how I had let the not good enough’s creep in.

Thank goodness the books I chose to read during this down time put things back into perspective for me.  Or did they choose me?  ‘A New Earth’ by Eckart Tolle talks about the pain body, ego and who you truly are.  Boy was I fully submerged in my pain body!  Fortunately my true self has re-emerged and I am feeling much better from having remembered that I am more than good enough just the way I am and put my ego back in its rightful place.

The other book I chose to read was ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise L Hay.  She always puts things into perspective for me and allows the blinkers and barriers to fall away so I can easily see the truth and get myself back on track.  Louise’s philosophy is that we create dis-ease in our bodies as we haven’t yet dealt with the emotional issues that caused the dis-ease.  Louise has created a list of ‘problems’, their probable cause and a new thought pattern to assist in releasing the ‘problem’ and the dis-ease.  This part of her book I refer to often when my body is giving me a sign that something is not quite right.  The rest of her book I hadn’t read for ages so it was good to revisit and let it sink deeper into another level of my being.

Do yourself a favour and check both of these amazing people out for yourself, read their books and see what you make of their philosophies and ideas.  They work well for me, however I am, as always, well aware that what works for me may not work for you. Use what you like and ditch the rest, that’s my take on life!

You know, during this down time or perhaps I could be calling it ‘profound time’, I was also reminded of the fact that we do what we can, when we can and with the knowledge we have at the time.  Life is a journey, an ever evolving organic journey.  The body is an amazing organism too (oops, oh it’s okay, I did spell that right, for a moment there I thought I had written orgasm!) that has the ability to heal itself and even smart enough to send messages to tell you what areas need some extra TLC too  (as in Louise’s work).

Everything I need to know is within me.  Everything I am looking for is within me.  I am responsible for everything in my life.  Everything that is happening is a result of a thought I’ve had.  How absolutely mind blowingly awesome is that?

Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.  Think beautiful thoughts and have a beautiful life. Whether you believe the cup is half empty or half full you are right.  Think about that!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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