Hello beautiful people,

Okay, I know things have been rather busy around here with all the changes of late and I’ve kept you hanging on long enough now haven’t I?

So I’m guessing you’re bursting at the seams to know, how was the rally, right?

I love the questions you ask.  Always spot on!

The Equal Love National Day of Action (which as we now know was on the 14th August!) was one of the most awe inspiring events I have ever had the pleasure of partaking in.  It was a buzz.  A buzz of more than 5000 peoples, big, small, black, white, gay, straight, young and old (if I’ve left anybody out I do apologise – however know that you were well represented!) passionately declaring their love for and civil right of same-sex marriages.

Guest speakers (including the likes of Ruby Rose), political representatives (Greens and Labour), singers (opera: Adrian Li Donni and drag: Polli Filla), adorned our brains with words of empowerment and wisdom. MC Monique Schafter had her wits about her in keeping the audience engaged, laughing and the movement flowing.  The oversized Julia Gillard puppet was a hoot, so very life like – if I do say so myself!  A big hats off to Ali Hogg for her tireless commitment, effort and passion to such a worthy cause.

In a nutshell – Equal Love – You Rock!

Walking from the State Library of Victoria, along Swanston Street and up to the top of Collins Street to the steps of Parliament House was electrifying to say the least.  Watching those around me marching proudly was heart warming and heart opening.  Chanting to the tune of ‘gay straight black or white marriage is a civil right’ was tantamount to all welcoming change.  Seeing the faces of the on lookers – unforgettable, especially those who joined in for an elated cheer or stopped what they were doing to march along with us!

The newly married couple in their beautiful wedding attire (perhaps heading to their reception) cheering and clapping as we passed them by, pausing even to take some photos with a few excited rally members!

Then at the steps of Parliament to be witness to those who chose to openly proclaim their relationship and the love they have for one another in a civil ceremony, was simply breathtaking, male to male, and female to female.

As beautiful as this was, it was disappointing to know these marriages won’t be recognised by the law.  It’s time for change people.

As Monique Schafter (I think it was Monique) so eloquently put it ‘we can register our relationship with the government, just like we can register our dogs with the council – we are not dogs!’

Experiencing this with my husband was profound, humbling and a joyous occasion.

Gay straight black or white marriage is a civil right.  It’s also a human right, right?

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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