Hello beautiful people,

You may have noticed some subtle changes around here lately.

The first being my blog is now called Sexual Biversity by Lyndal Coon, instead of Lyndal Coon with the tag line Sexual Biversity.

Also the web address has changed from www.lyndalcoon.com to www.sexualbiversity.com so you may want to update your favourites to reflect this.  Not that it’s a biggie as lyndalcoon.com will automatically forward you to sexualbiversity.com.  As for the RSS feeds, they appear to be working as well.  If by chance they don’t (and you read this!) please opt in to receive RSS feeds again.

On that note, if you don’t know what a RSS feed is, in simple terms, (to the best of my knowledge!) it’s an automated update you get (either to your inbox or web browser) notifying you that I have posted a new blog.  Rather than you having to check in at my website for yourself! To set up RSS feeds you click on (RSS) under the Categories section on the right hand column and follow the prompts.

Why the changes?

Sexual Biversity is really starting to create momentum now and I wanted to streamline everything so there was no confusion.  Sexual Biversity at the very heart is my passion; however that being said, I am well aware when playing in a bigger ocean, it is also my product and my branding.  Therefore to have it all the same makes great marketing sense as well.

For me, it also represents transformation, as I move into the full empowerment of Sexual Biversity and all it has to offer. This is and always has been the purpose of Sexual Biversity, a way to create awareness, that if you choose to live and love in a relationship like mine; you can, happily and successfully!   I do this by sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences of what it is like to love my husband unconditionally, that is once I was able to embrace his complete being, including his bisexuality.

For it is not love that discriminates – its people.

And truthfully, overall I am feeling much braver now (not that I always show it!) and know this is the only way forward.  There is no turning back, or suck it up, as some would say!  I like the sound of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, (as Susan Jeffers so beautifully wrote in her book, with this title – note to self: this book may be worth revisiting!).   Although, as you already know I often feel the fear!  And do it anyway!  Otherwise I wouldn’t be here now!

I believe when you come from a place of love, good always prevails.  Unconditional love – now that’s like liquid gold to the soul.

More power to the people.  More love to the lovers of love.  More gold on your lips!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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