Hello beautiful people,

Just a quickie to let you know I am happy, well and haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  Life is full steam ahead at the moment.

Sexual Biversity the book, is on its final stages of editing – woohoo!  I’m also in the process of turning it into an audio book and an eBook as well.

Andrew and I have been approached to do a documentary and are highly considering doing so, which means filming will begin in a few weeks time.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me this is all real!

To stay in touch with what’s going on in the world I regularly do a Google search, just to see if there is any new information out there in Cyberspace, and it amazes me how I can search and search and search and not much seems to have happened.  Then one day a new thought comes in and I search slightly differently to how I would usually and low and behold I discover there was an article in the July issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly titled ‘When the other woman is a man’.

How could I not have found this source of information until today?  Surely anybody who knows me, who reads the Australian Women’s Weekly would have let me know about this article!  Wouldn’t they? Or in assuming this is so, am I making an ass out of u and me? I love how you can play on words, especially when they are so true (cue visual – cheeky grin from ear to ear!).  Just in case you haven’t heard this one before, to assume (ass-u-me) = to make an ass out of u and me!  Love it!

Mind you the penny drops; all I do is Google every time.  If I used another search engine I’m bound to find different results, right?  Note to self – do some surfing on a different search engine!

As only part of the article was available online I had to have a copy in my hot little hands to read the rest of it.  The only challenge: will there still be any July issues left as the August edition is already out?

Andrew being the amazing man he is, managed to find me one that had been ‘accidently’ left on the shelf amongst all the new editions, and now I do have a copy in my hot little hands!

After reading the article I must admit I was disappointed with its slant towards the negative as the three women (who husband’s disclosed to them) and one man (who disclosed to his wife) interviewed had their relationships end in divorce.

I am of course happy an article of this nature was published in a mainstream magazine.  Personally though I would have loved to hear from at least one couple who made it through the tough times and are continuing to live their happily ever after.

What it did give me though, was more power to me (if I do say so myself!) for going public with an alternative to the ‘norm’.  It seems to me once disclosure takes place couples assume (is that another ass?) the only thing they can do is get divorced.  I find myself pondering, is it monkey see monkey do?  That’s all these couples know.

I note that in this article all the men declared they were gay prior to getting married, although I find myself questioning this too.  Is this really the case?  I think we have lived for so long in black and white, you’re either gay or straight; anything other than that doesn’t even come in to question for the majority.

I believe there is also a tendency to assume if a man has sexual relations with a man, then he automatically fits into the must be gay box.  Perhaps there is a whole lot of ass’s being made again by those who assume that!

I wonder if any of these relationships (or any other) would have turned out differently if they hadn’t bought into the black and whiteness of it all, and stepped outside the box a bit.

What do you think?  Do you think as a global community there is a tendency to box people in? And are the boxes still, for the majority, black and white? Or are there more colours to be found than I realise?

When considering boxes, mine is full of colour. Well I think so anyway.

So much for my quick check in, obviously I had more to say than I realised!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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  • Wow- a documentary! How exciting! You are both inspirational as you share your amazing story!

    I believe there are many shades of grey upon the spectrum between gay and straight… I agree that there should be more acknowledgement of this in our community- but that this WD article is a great step in the direction of getting some great conversations happening out there!

    Keep shining.


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