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I recently became aware of an organisation called GetUp! who instigated a mental health petition that was to be presented to the Rudd government last month in June by 60 mental health organisations from across Australia with 60,000 signatures and would have loved to have been one of those 60,000 signatories on the petition to be presented, had I known about it before the cut off date.

Even though the cut off date has past, signatures are still being collected and at present the tally is at 102,727, make that 102,728 as I just added my name to the list!

After missing this opportunity to be part of the original petition heading to parliament I asked myself how I could still make some sort of contribution toward this cause and fortunately for us I have this blog and a blank page at my disposal, so here goes.

I’ll begin by sharing with you some statistics that left me gobsmacked whilst I was reading some supporting information that was with the petition request.

Every day 330 Australians with serious mental illnesses are turned away from Emergency Departments, and 1,200 Australians are refused admission to a public or private psychiatric unit.

Every day more than 7 people die as a result of suicide, and more than a third of those have been discharged too early or without care from hospitals. For each of those 7 Australians, there are 7 families who mourn them, 7 groups of friends who ask themselves, ‘why?’

Suicide is the number 1 cause of death for men 16-44 and women 16-34 years.

Just so we a really clear here, let me say that last line to you again, ‘suicide is the number 1 cause of death for men 16-44 and women 16-34 years.’  The number ‘1’ cause of death!

Just in case you have forgotten how to breathe!  Please take a moment now for a few slow deep relaxing breaths ……… ………. ah, that’s a bit better, thank you.

The next question I too asked myself after reading theses staggering statistics was ‘why?’  Why is it that so many Australians are dying from suicide?  And yes, this is just Australia we are talking about.  I have no idea what the global statistics would be like.

I know this is a very heavy subject to discuss, however that is no reason for us to stop discussing it, right.  I’m sure there are many of us who have been personally affected by suicide in one way or another.  I know for myself, I nearly became one of those statistics and am very grateful to be here today sharing my life with you.

With that being said, that is one of the reasons I decided to publically tell my story in the first place, as it is well and truly time for us to be embracing our fellow brothers and sisters’ sexualities and lifestyle choices rather than continuing to ostracise, out or shame them into believing that suicide is the only answer.  Let me tell you right here right now that it is not.

Love is the only answer, unconditional to all human beings.

I know there are a whole host of different reasons/factors that contribute to why people end up taking their lives and that I am only honing in on one area due to my own life experiences.  However as a community it is up to us to do whatever we can to make a change in the lives of as many Australian’s we can, then again why only limit it to Australian’s, how about all the people who inhabit this Earth.  That’s why I added my name to the GetUp! petition – who knows where all those signatures will end up or what kind of difference they’ll be able to make.  I’m proud to have my name on it because I also know that energetically it’s the right move.

What kind of difference are you going to make today?

If you would like to add your name to the GetUp! petition you can do so by following this link http://www.getup.org.au/campaign/healthreform&id=1132 although I’m not sure for how much longer!

To find out more about this wonderful organisation click here http://www.getup.org.au or check out the FAQ’s at http://www.getup.org.au/about/faq/ GetUp! is independent of all political parties.

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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