Hello beautiful people,

I decided to do a bit of a check in and see where it is I’m sitting at the moment in relation to my difference making journey and thank goodness I did as I realised I had allowed myself to get very cosy indeed by entering none other than my ‘comfort zone’ (cue music -The Twilight Zone theme)!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing with you what’s going on in my life (and the space between my ears), and I trust you’re getting something out of it too, for surely you wouldn’t keep coming back if you weren’t, right? However, I’m not feeling challenged by it at the moment.

I think I’ve settled into my bloggers world too easily which in essence has stopped me from growing.  Temporarily that is. I’m not done with growing yet, you have my word on that; I’ll be learning and growing and evolving until the day I die and then some!

And really there’s nothing wrong with some quiet time, a chance to reenergise and integrate life in ones comfort zone, it’s just not of any benefit for extended stays.  In fact if anything I’d have to say it’s counterproductive, wouldn’t you agree?

So how did I know I was having an extended stay in my comfort zone?   It dawned on me the other morning when I realised that my book ‘Sexual Biversity, a real wife experience for a real life situation’ is written and before I present it to a publisher I would like an editor to go over it and make sure it reads well.  And what have I done constructively about it in the last, what would it be now, six months?  Nada, zip, zero, nussink!  Now if that’s not sitting in your comfort zone for an extended stay then I don’t know what is.  Perhaps lounging would be a better description than sitting!

How easily life can be filled with the busyness of its self.  Actually wait one minute, hold that thought.  You know, sometimes I can be my own worst critic as it hasn’t all been lounging around in my comfort zone.  I’ve dabbled a bit on the other side with appearing on Insight and I shouldn’t discredit starting Sexual Biversity, the blog, in the first place.  Both these things were way, way beyond the limits of my comfort zone, so I guess it’s not entirely nada.

It’s simply a case of understanding that if I really want to take this difference making game seriously I have to get out onto the field and not keep watching from the sidelines, right?  How does one play a game from the sidelines anyway? Oh I know, they stand there screaming ‘kick it to me, kick it to me’ at the top of their lungs and wait for someone to present an opportunity to them.

Am I so gullible to believe that I could sit back in my zone of comfort and wait for people to knock on my door with invitations to join them in the game of difference making out on the playing field?  That’s clearly wishful thinking, a bit like Muhammad wanting the mountain to come to him! Thankfully I’m not that gullible and like Muhammad I will go to the mountain.  I will get up off my cushy behind and step outside the zone and into the, hmm what do you call that place beyond the comfort zone?  Maybe it is the twilight zone (grinning from ear to ear – cue theme music again!).

I’m not even sure if it has a name.  Hmm, what will I call it then?  I know – the growth zone.  It’s the place where you go to grow and by grow I don’t mean in the physical form!  You are aware that that’s the one thing you can’t do in your comfort zone aren’t you, grow?  The time has come for me to enter the growth zone (theme plays once more!).

So my mission, should I accept it (cue music – Mission Impossible theme!) as if there was ever any doubt, is to get out onto the field and kick the ball around. Go for goal even.  Score, woohoo!  Or if I happen to miss, go for goal again and again; I just have to keep playing the game for no matter how hard I try I’m never going to be able to score a goal or even go for goal sitting on the sidelines in my ‘comfort zone’ as a spectator am I?

The first goal to aim for will be to find myself an editor.  I’ll be sure to let you know how I score. Goal!

By the way, what’s the definition of insanity? Oh that’s right it’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  Note to self!

So beautiful people, where are you sitting right now?  And what about your sanity? Dare I ask!

Love & hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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