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For some reason I Googled heterosexuality again, don’t ask me why, just an impulse to do so, and fortunately for us I did as the result I got was ‘About 584,000’ which was a huge jump from my original search the other day of ‘About 235,000’.  This had me puzzled for a bit as I couldn’t image such a jump in results in only a few days.   Was there a mad frenzy on heterosexuality sites?   No couldn’t have been.  Then the penny dropped and I Googled hetrosexuality and low and behold there was my ‘About 235,000’.  Puzzle solved – I had spelt heterosexuality wrong!

I thought I’d best share this finding with you in case you Googled them for yourself out of your own curiosity (or were checking up on me) and got a different result to the one I had published and thought me a little of my tree.  Fear not I’m not off my tree; I just have to learn to spell correctly!

Even with the correct spelling ‘heterosexuality’ still comes in at last place.  Again what does that tell us people?  I know.  That there are a whole lot of people out there that can’t spell heterosexuality correctly!

After adding the two results together you get ‘About 819,000’, that is of course if my adding is better than my spelling, which means that heterosexuality and hetrosexuality combined still comes in at last place – by millions! Who would have thought? Perhaps heterosexuality is not nearly the ‘norm’ that we have been led to believe that it is!

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