Hello beautiful people,

Do you have juicy conversations about sex with your closest friends?  If you do fabulous, I congratulate you.  If you don’t, why don’t you?  What is it about being intimate within our conversations with the people we love that scare’s the absolute crap out of us?  I ask you, who would you be if you could freely have these juicy, open and honest conversations about sex with your friends?

What about your partner are you able to have juicy, open and honest conversations about sex with them?  Can you tell them what it is that you like or don’t like? If not, why not? Again I ask you, who would you be if you could freely have these juicy, open and honest conversations about sex with your partner?

And if you’re a person who doesn’t have a partner can you at least have juicy, open and honest conversations about sex with yourself? I mean truly honest ones that are at the core of your being?  Once more I ask you who would you be if you could have these juicy, open and honest conversations about sex with yourself?  Committed!  Nah, that’s only if you answer back, right!  Though seriously, who would you be? Would you be a happy person?  Would you be an authentic person?  Would you be a person who is closer to yourself?  Just food for thought.

FYI juicy means deep and authentic, like getting into the nitty gritty of the subject and not just general chit chat or dancing around the surface, smack bang between the eyes!  Or perhaps that could read between the I’s!

I am gobsmacked that talking about sex in an open and honest way can still be such a taboo subject in this day and age, let alone discussing sexuality.  It is the 21st Century people!  Why then do so many of my fellow travellers continue to shy away from talking about what goes on in (and out of) the bedroom or in their imagination for that matter?

Just for curiosities sake I Googled the word Sex and got ‘About 601,000,000’ results.  Then I Googled the word Sexuality and got ‘About 20,000,000’ results.  Then Bisexuality  ‘About 4,700,000’, then Homosexuality ‘About 7,790,000’, then Heterosexuality ‘About 235,000’, then Relationships ‘About 158,000,000’, then lastly Intimacy which was ‘About 10,700,000’.  So what did this tell me? That sex, sexuality, relationships and intimacy are very important topics to a huge number of people!

Someone please tell me then if people are so interested in the topic of sex, sexuality etc then why does it still rate so highly on the scale of taboo?  And the other titbit that tickled my fancy was if ‘heterosexuality’ is such the ‘norm’ then why did it rate the lowest?

Since appearing on Insight I am thrilled that my girlfriends are now able to have these kinds of conversations with me that they weren’t able to before the show and with their partners too I might add.  I’ve been open too, willing and waiting for conversations like these to take place for years in my everyday interactions with them.  I am pleased that since watching the show they now feel comfortable swapping ideas, thoughts and feelings with me and each other on the topic of sex and of course not forgetting their partners too.  Hooray, woohoo, yippee!

I believe we can and do learn a lot from each other.  How then do we continue to learn and grow if we hide things that are important and relevant from one and other then?  It’s time to put whatever inhibitions one might have in regards to talking about sex, sexuality, all of it and just get out there and do it, mingle a little amongst your friends, your partners or even potential partners and see what happens.  I’m only talking about conversations here, that’s all, nothing else just juicy, open and honest conversations!

I envisage a world where unconditional love is at the forefront of any and every relationship.  Where a person is free to be themselves and free to talk comfortably about what it is they do and do not like, especially in the bedroom.  Where talking about sex is as natural a conversation as is talking about the weather when chatting over a cuppa or a dinner for two.

Being in good conversations with those you love or even with those you like is a wonderful gift to give and receive (including yourself and you thought I’d forgotten!).  Actually why stop there, I wonder what would happen if you had a conversation about sex etc with someone you didn’t particularly like! Hmm, unconditional love people that’s what it’s all about.  Perhaps I am pushing the boundary a little with that one, though it would be fun to see what happens.

Let the real talking begin.

With love and hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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