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That to me was an accurate account of what Fear had me doing.  I was always feeling uneasy whenever he was around (let’s just pretend Fear is a he for the purpose of this post!) and he was always around.

Thankfully my relationship with Fear has matured over the years and I’m no longer threatened by or scared of his presence anymore, at least not in the crippling way that I once was.  Until recently (about a couple of years ago) I found Fear to be very controlling and dominated our relationship by having me make decisions, no matter how big or small, based on which ones felt less fearful, not by which ones had me feeling good about it. In my eyes Fear was not a very nice bloke at all and why I still had him in my life was a mystery to me.

You can see what a strain this would have put on the relationship I have with Andrew!

That was until someone pointed out to me that Fear wasn’t actually a bad guy.  He was in my life to protect me and it was me who had made him out to be something that he was not.  I had allowed my imagination to get the better of me for years and had turned him into some kind of monster out to destroy me whilst ignoring the gentle nudges he would give me along the way if I was indeed in danger.  I thought it was because of him that I was in danger in the first place!

Now I can see that having Fear in my life is a good thing.  It’s what I do with Fear that is the critical element in building a healthy relationship with him.  If I continue to make him out to be the bad guy then its all doom and gloom as he’ll have all the power over me.  If I give thanks for his gentle nudges and live life accordingly, all is well.

After appearing on Insight I have to confess that I did allow Fear, or as my son would tell me Fears good friend Doubt, come to visit!  Unfortunately for me both Fear and Doubt got a tad bossy and out stayed their welcome whilst managing to cause quite a stir indeed, with things getting somewhat out of hand.





Realising that I had crossed the line with Fear and his good friend Doubt I had to renegotiate the boundaries of our relationship and bring peace and order back into my humble home (that being my headspace!) once more and send them off for a little r and r (rest and relaxation) so we could all bring things back into perspective next time we got together.  A friendly reminder of how easily good friends can become foe if relationships aren’t taken care of.

Knowing that life is a journey and ups and downs are to be expected I will remember to be sure to check in with my good friend Fear and see where we are at.  Who has power over whom?  Not that I really want to have power over Fear it’s just that I no longer choose to have him (or his friends) have power over me and stop me (either temporarily or permanently) from fulfilling what it is I’m here to do in this lifetime.  Empower me by all means and please, assist me on my journey to becoming a difference maker – which I’d really appreciate.

Enough though with the shenanigans!

Thoughts really are creative.  Let’s choose the good ones!

Love and hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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