Hello beautiful people,

Well what a week it’s been for sexuality in the media.

We had the International Day Against Homophobia on Monday 17 then only days later we had AFL footballer Jason Akermanis’s homophobic comments reach our ears and on that very same day Channel Seven News decided to publically out now former MP David Campbell by airing him leaving a gay sex on premises venue.

Wow, and I mean wow, what a week!

Obviously the topic that resinated with me the most would have to be that of David Campbell.  Who do these reporters think they are?  And Channel Seven for airing it in the first place.  Are they mad?  Surely they must have thought about the consequences of such an action.  Surely they must have thought about how traumatising this would be for David’s family, especially his wife and let’s not forget about David himself.  I can only guess that the want for such a story was worth the rain of havoc it could bring.  Somebody please tell me who gave these people permission and power over another human being like that?

My heart goes out to David, his family and especially his wife Edna.  I know firsthand how utterly devastating it is to discover your husband has been having sex with men and that was in the privacy of my own home!  I can only begin to imagine what that would feel like had all of Australia and the world for that matter been privy to such a private event.

All I can do from the comfort of my own home is send lots of loving healing thoughts filled with empathy and compassion to all involved.

This just gives me more strength to walk forward in publically sharing my story to bring about understanding at the very least.  We are all very unique individuals with very different ways of expressing our sexualities.  In fact we’re so different in all areas of our lives, from the music we like to listen to, to the foods we like to eat and the careers we choose to have (just to name a few) that it baffles me to think that we are supposed to believe that we have all been wired to have the same preferences when it comes to our sexuality.

It’s time to let go of fear people and embrace unconditional love.  It’s time to speak up and not worry about what other people may or may not be thinking of us.  What we think of us is all that really matters.  It’s time to be the truth.  Be the person we were born to be and be honest in our communications from the very onset with those near and dear to us.  Secrets, when exposed can destroy lives, living a lie can destroy lives; I believe that honesty is the only way forward, in peace, in joy, in loving unconditionally.

I’ve said it so many times already how grateful I am that discovering Andrew’s secret sexual encounters with men led me to unconditional love, that of him, my beautiful family, those in and around my life and myself.  I would also like to send to David and his family the strength and unity that comes from the empowerment of getting through such an incredibly challenging time.

Love and hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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  • greggyfroggy
    May 22, 2010 11:57 pm

    Totally agree. I am still amazed by the way this whole Channel 7 thing went. In my country nobody really cares about those things. All the best to you and your family.


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