Hello beautiful people,

I have to be honest and confess to you that I’ve really been struggling with writing my blog of late as I have been suffering terribly from foggy brain (which I of course self diagnosed!) and has left me running very slow, somewhat grumpy, scattered and if that’s not enough I’ve been forgetting things as well.  Like my last blog for instance, I was shocked to see that I didn’t start off with my usual ‘hello beautiful people’.  Alarm bells could have been ringing then – had they been working properly!

Over the years I have discovered that I am very sensitive to the chemicals that are found in processed foods and as I mentioned in my last blog believe they were a major contributor to a whole host of ailments, including my foggy brain syndrome.  How easily these chemicals can sneak up and attack when you least expect them!

For months my diet (as in the food I ate) had been the best it had ever been full of fresh wholesome delicious foods.   I was actually enjoying eating for the first time in my life and had no cravings whatsoever for those foods that had held me hostage for many a decade gone by! I’d been exercising regularly which gave me loads of energy, clarity of mind, good thoughts and I was bouncing out of bed in anticipation of another wonderful day.

Becoming healthy in body, mind and soul is what enabled me to not only forgive and trust Andrew again it allowed me to love him unconditionally.  It allowed me to love myself unconditionally too.  I can’t stress how important it is to look after one’s self.  Remember though what works for one person may not work for another therefore only you will know what is best for you.

‘What went wrong with my healthy lifestyle’, I hear you ask?  Did the stress and strain of going public with Sexual Biversity and Andrew’s and my appearance on Insight throw me onto an emotionally challenged heap that could only be resolved by a bout of ‘comfort’ eating from my don’t need, want or desire food group?  On the contrary, in my desire to gain health I decided to go against what my intuition was telling me and had colonic irrigation done.  Brilliant for those who systems really require it however my system was so clean and healthy (again my own self diagnosis!) that it really didn’t and as a result of removing all the bad bacteria from my colon it also removed all the good bacteria as well.  Thus sending my system into total chaos and on a cravings frenzy like nothing I have ever experienced before.   This meant I was eating way too many processed foods, more like an overdose really, with all those nasty chemicals that my system is so sensitive too running amuck once more, hence my foggy brain.

It was like being a robot that was determined to complete its ‘seek and destroy’ mission rather than being an aware human being that could have said no, as I knew that processed foods (if you can really call them food) were harmful to me although my system was in such shock and horror that all hell broke loose that I didn’t even think to up the ante straight away and replace all the lost healthy bacteria with some certified organic probiotics such as In-Liven that I have abundantly on hand!

It has taken me a few weeks to get my system back on track and was a great reminder of how easily I can get distracted and how important it is to stay focused when looking after my health and wellbeing. To also trust my instincts and not be fooled into believing otherwise which proved to be a simple example of going astray yet quite profound really.  It is my belief that we are all equipped with the answers to every question we are asking if only we allow ourselves the ability to be still long enough, go within and trust the answers that come.  Next time I will listen to my intuition and not go against what it is telling me for my wellbeing’s sake.

Although that all being said I also believe that everything in life happens for a reason and this experience not only heightened my awareness in issues of trust and intuition it also gave me an opportunity to tweak what I was doing on a daily basis in regards to my health and wellbeing and I have added meditation back into the mix which somehow I had let fall to the wayside.

Love and hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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