Hello beautiful people.

I’m still enjoying the wonderful discussions that are taking place since Andrew and I were on Insight and very much appreciate all the wonderful feedback I have been receiving personally as well, thank you (not sure if all of you are reading this, so for those of you who aren’t you’ll just have to receive my thanks energetically!)

I must admit that overall it hasn’t been nearly as huge an event as I had thought it would be and am grateful too that for my first dive into the unchartered waters that is the public arena I was indeed able to swim!  In fact I loved being in front of the camera so much and was surprised by how natural it felt, especially since I had no idea what questions would be asked of me and none of it was rehearsed in any way.  We even had to do our own hair and make-up!  I was amazed too that even amongst all those nerves I enjoyed the process and have since decided to take up acting classes!  Well I’ve done all of one so far and it was a hoot.  Who knows where the journey will take me.   Lights – Camera – Action – Cut – That’s a wrap!

Love and hugs,


‘practice what you passion’®

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